Make sure you have the exact tires you need for every driving situation! Whether you’re looking to go on an all-terrain, mud-terrain, or rugged-terrain adventure, find just the right tires with Off Road Rim Financing LLC! Browse all our selections online now!


    Make sure your truck (or any other vehicle) is set up with the right off-road rims and wheels! With over 100 brands to choose from, you can find the best-fitting, custom wheels with us. Browse through all the top-tier brand names Off Road Rim Financing LLC works with!


    Upgrade your truck with the best suspension packages possible! Make all your off-roading drives as smooth as possible with the right performance parts from Off Road Rim Financing LLC. Whether you’re looking into new lifts, bumpers, exhausts, or other accessories, we’re your go-to supplier!

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    Where all the representatives are truck enthusiasts and are ready to create something awesome for your off-roading adventure!

    Off Road Rim Financing LLC is the go-to, leading company in the auto industry when you want to purchase off-road wheel and tire packages. We are proud to offer the best rates with our tire lease-to-own* plans and rims lease-to-own* plans. We make multiple low payment options available for you, no matter your credit situation, because dreams should never have to wait! Fill out your application and one of our dedicated fitment specialists will be in touch!

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    It’s absolutely critical to have the right tires on your vehicle when you start any sort of off-roading driving. Most likely, your traditional tires are best suited for driving on established roads, meaning any off-roading can increase your risk of a blown tire and overall damage. Make sure you have the right gear for your truck (or other vehicle) with the right tires from Off Road Rim Financing LLC. If you’ve been dreaming of taking your leisure time to brand new heights, browse through our collection of tires for all sorts of different terrains.

    For individuals who are planning to take their vehicles through multiple different landscape types, all-terrain tires are the perfect option; this particular type stands up well to exposure to snow, ice, and rain. To be safe during any type of adverse weather condition, this off-road selection is the safest bet. However, if you’re planning on doing some trucking through a certain type of terrain — such as on muddy back roads, dirt, gravel, or on mountain sides — then we recommend looking into mud-terrain and rugged-terrain tires. Both of these off-road rim options from Off Road Rim Financing LLC have different variations of tread blocks, either less aggressive or more aggressive depending on where you’re travelling. Browse all our off-roading tire selections and get a free custom quote!


    It’s not enough to have the right tires when you take your truck off-roading; it’s also important to have all the other necessary bells and whistles to ensure a safe ride. Off Road Rim Financing LLC provides all vehicle owners and enthusiasts the chance to acquire every piece of equipment needed in order to take your driving to new heights. Upgrade your vehicle with the best suspension packages, available with a free online quote and through our flexible financing options. Our collection of vehicle accessories — shipped directly to you from top-tier manufacturers — include:

    • Truck Lift Kits
    • Performance Programmers
    • Fender Flares
    • Truck Lift Kits
    • Performance Programmers
    • Fender Flares
    • Cold Air Intakes
    • Exhausts

    We invite you to browse all the high-quality off-road rim and accessory brands Off Road Rim Financing LLC works with. If you’re unsure which may be right for you, and will suit your exact needs, submit a free custom quote form and we’ll help you choose the right truck lift or accessory. We believe everyone who wants to take their vehicle to the next level should be able to financially, which is why we provide several flexible options to make that happen. Contact us today to learn more!

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    As we touched on above, it can be difficult to live the life of your dreams and to curate the ideal off-roading vehicle if you’re on a tight budget — but Off Road Rim Financing LLC is here to change all that. We believe everyone should be able to take your truck to brand new heights, exploring different areas and riding on different types of terrain. Through our flexible financing options, you’ll be able to have all the bells and whistles you’ve always wanted!

    If you’re interested in taking your vehicle off the standard roads, we make truck lifts, tires, off-road rims, and other accessories easy to acquire and easy to afford. Our organization has partnered with several different lending institutions — including American First Financial, Acima Credit, and PayTomorrow — in order to provide several different payment and ownership options:

    • 90 Day Purchase Option*: Our off-road rims and tire financing is built around convenience. If you’re unable to pay the lump sum all at once, no problem! Take advantage of our 90-day* purchase options and make easy, monthly payments — all while you drive around with your new auto parts!
    • Lease-To-Own*: In order to best accommodate our client’s financial situation and payday schedules, Off Road Rim Financing LLC’s partnerships with various financial institutions also include a lease-to-own* option. Customize your own terms of payment with us!
    • Bad/No Credit Options*: When you choose to work with us, you don’t have to worry about what your credit score looks like. A few different no-credit finance options are available through both American First Financial and Acima Credit.
    • Convenient Payments: No matter what payment plan is best for you, you can feel comfortable knowing the right off-road rims, tires, and truck accessories can be yours, instantly. Find the perfect brands for you, choose exactly how you’d like to pay, and enjoy easy affordable payments!

    Submit an application today and our vehicle specialists will help you settle on the right financing plan! Start driving the truck you’ve always wanted and start driving off-road, in several different terrains. Contact Off Road Rim Financing LLC today with any questions and to get a free custom quote!

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