Backspacing vs. Offset: What’s the Difference?

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    A tire that fits perfectly is a tire that lasts! But when it comes to backspacing vs. offset, what’s the difference between? 

    In this post, Off-Road Rim Financing’s wheels and tires financing specialists unpack these details so that you can make a wise investment. 

    Is There a Genuine Difference Between Backspacing and Offset?

    Yes, there is. And If you’re researching summer road trip tips, you’ll want to read this first. 

    There is a difference, although most people use the terms variably. If you stick to the standard tires for your vehicle, it might not make much of a difference. However, if you want to upgrade your choices, you need to know the following:

    • Offset. The offset measures the distance from the mounting surface to the center of the wheel. It can either be a positive offset, where the tire sits more towards the outside of the wheel, or a negative offset, where the opposite applies.
    • Backspacing. With backspacing, the measured distance runs from the wheel’s inner edge to the mounting surface. Backspacing is always “towards the back” of the hub.

    We’re only talking about a few millimeters of difference here, but in a precise world of rims, treads, and axles, it counts.

    An Example That Demonstrates Backspacing vs. Offset Measurements

    To better illustrate the point, let’s consider this example of a factory standard 18 x 8-inch wheel with 6.07-inch backspacing. This setting protects a standard tire under the fender.

    However, an 18 X 9-inch wheel could have backspacing measured as:

    • 5.75 inches
    • 5 inches
    • 4.5 inches

    These distances all work on the same vehicle with the right wheel width. But take that backspacing up to 6 inches, and the tire doesn’t quite sit properly. This not only looks off, but it’s dangerous. 

    An ill-fitting tire means the suspension won’t work as it should, potentially reducing your clearance. You might find the tire rubbing the fender and experience wheel traveling. It will also impact the turning radius and wear on your tires.

    Consult Tire Fitment Professionals for the Best Advice

    If you want to upgrade your tires, find a reputable tire fitment center. Experts understand the strict backspacing and offset specifications that lift kit manufacturers use and can fit all new tires professionally with accurate wheel alignment. 

    Getting the right advice will improve your vehicle’s performance and give you the best return on investment. If you’re worried about the cost, Off-Road Rim Financing can help.

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    So, there is a slight difference in backspacing vs. offset, which can make a huge difference to the fit and function of your tires. If you’d like to learn more about wheel offset or start your upgrade, come to Off-Road Rim Financing. We offer the widest selection of high-quality tires at competitive prices.With easy financing, no credit needed, and free and fast shipping across the lower 48 states, Off-Road Rim Financing is an obvious choice! Call (888) 568-5048 today for your free estimate.

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