Everything You Need to Know about Beadlock Wheels

    beadlock wheels

    While many may be unfamiliar with beadlock wheels, they can make a huge difference to your off-roading experience.

    Are you regularly cruising through wet clay valleys and scaling massive hills and rocky mountains? Then fitting these wheels on your four-wheeler might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

    Read on to learn all you need to know about beadlock wheels and the great wheels and tires financing options we offer here at Off-Road Rim Financing.

    What Are Beadlock Wheels?

    The main purpose of a beadlock wheel is to reduce the risks of your wheels slipping off when you place them on huge torque loads under low tire pressures.

    The wheels of standard cars don’t experience much slippage. However, off-road cars are a completely different story.

    Sand, dirt, sharp rocks, and snow can deflate tires, causing the beads to slip against the rims. In extreme cases, the entire tire can slip off.

    Off-roading often requires more traction and less pressure. Sometimes, your tires’ pressure could be as low as three to seven PSI. While attaining such low tire pressures with standard wheels can be dangerous, beadlock wheels allow you to do so without worrying about the tires slipping off.

    Though they look like standard wheels, beadlock wheels have one distinct difference.

    On standard rims, your tire fits on the wheel’s inner lip lines, which are referred to as beads. When you pump your tires, the pressure keeps the tire in place alongside the tire bead. However, a beadlock wheel has an extra ring piece that fits along your wheel face’s perimeter.

    When installing them, slip the lip of your tires between the bead lock ring and the bead, and then use heavy-duty bolts to lock it in place.

    The Pros and Cons of Beadlock Wheels


    Some of the advantages these aftermarket wheels promise to offer include:

    • They allow you to increase your tires’ traction and grip
    • They increase the safety of your off-road vehicle
    • Their strength will enable them to withstand huge amounts of external pressure


    Some of the disadvantages of these wheels include:

    • They tend to be costlier because they are heavier, more complex, and have more parts
    • You will sometimes need to mount and balance the tires yourself
    • They’re not legal for on-road use

    Why Get Beadlock Wheels?

    All tires come with a recommended PSI range, usually between 35 and 50 PSI. However, letting the air out of your tires gives them more traction and enables them to better conform to the irregular paths you come across when off-roading.

    While lowering air pressure increases the risk of your tires slipping off completely, beadlock wheels help prevent this.

    Quality Beadlock Wheels

    Off-roaders have several reasons to invest in new wheels. If you are looking for options that can better withstand unforgiving off-road terrains, then beadlock wheels might be perfect for you.

    Are you worried about how much your beadlock wheels will cost? Contact Off-Road Rim Financing at (888) 871-2346 and enjoy easy financing, low monthly payment options, and free and fast shipping.

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