7 Best Bridgestone Tires of All Time

    best bridgestone tires

    Zeroing in on the best Bridgestone tires was a tough task, but we’re determined to always bring you the latest information. Read on to see what the team at Off-Road Rim Financing, your experts in wheels and tires financing, deems the top offerings from this tire brand. 

    1. Potenza RE-71RS

    This model is an ultra-high-performance upgrade that holds the road exceptionally well and has a stiff sidewall. These features and its tire safety ratings make it the best model for summer use in a warm climate. However, the grip wears quickly, and is less responsive than others. 

    2. Potenza RE980AS+

    This well-rounded model is good for light snow but not ideal in wet weather. While it has a decent grip in wet conditions, there are better choices out there. You get crisp steering and hardly any noise.

    3. Weatherpeak

    This model offers a comfortable ride and makes driving at the speed limit easy. It has excellent traction in the snow and is responsive. However, it’s rather noisy and not the best when you break sharply or take hard corners. 

    4. Blizzak WS90

    Blizzaks have a great track record as the best Bridgestone tires for snow use. They’re comfortable to ride on, don’t have studs, and offer great value for the money. The downside is that they’re neither sporty nor quiet. You should also only use them for cold winter weather, or they’ll wear out quickly. 

    5. Alenza AS Ultra

    The Alenza is a luxury tire that is impressive. It offers a comfortable, quiet ride and comes in various sizes. It’s the largest tire on the list and is made for your crossover/SUV mounting. However, stick to using it in summer as it doesn’t offer good traction in snow. 

    6. Dueler H/T 685

    The Dueler is made for SUVs and trucks and offers sturdy performance. It’s an excellent option for all-year wear and grips well in wet conditions. You’ll notice it’s a little stiff, but we feel confident this makes it easier to control. The downside is that it’s not the best in snow. 

    7. Dueler A/T Revo 3

    Last but not least is the Dueler A/T Revo 3. This all-terrain tire handles well across many surfaces and across many temperatures. It’s most impressive because of its 540 treadwear rating and durability. 

    You’ll get a good ride and decent mileage, making this a great economical choice. However, be warned, it’s not the best option in wet conditions. 

    Which One Is Right for You? 

    The answer depends on your goals, but here are our favorites for this Bridgestone tires review: 

    • Potenza RE-71RS offers the best grip under hard driving conditions. 
    • Dueler A/T Revo 3 is ideal for off-roading and value. 
    • Blizzak WS90 is the perfect choice for snow tires. 

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