Brands of Bumpers We Offer

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    Here at Off-Road Rim Financing, we offer many different off-road truck accessories to meet your needs, including lift kits, bumpers, cold air intakes, programmers, chips, light bars, exhausts, and more. Below, we’ll go over the four brands of bumpers we offer. Shop with us, and apply for tire financing today!

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    Iron Cross

    Iron Cross is one of the best known brands in aftermarket truck bumpers. All of their truck bumpers are CNC laser cut and fully welded to offer optimal strength and endurance. They are also a company that manufactures all of their truck bumpers here in the United States. Iron Cross Bumpers come in many finishes to personalize your off-road vehicle.

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    Ranch Hand

    Ranch Hand specializes in front and back bumpers for Chevy, Ford, Ram, Jeep, Toyota, and GMC trucks. Their front bumpers come with many options, such as a grille guard, bullnose, smooth steel, or winch ready front bumper. Ranch Hands’ back bumpers are engineered for towing strength and reliability.

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    Road Armor

    Road Armor offers a variety of models of front and back bumpers for off-roading enthusiasts in order to protect their vehicle and offer many added and utilitarian uses. Manufactured from heavy-duty or 11-gauge steel, these aftermarket truck bumpers offer a perfect fit and optional winch mounts for all of your off-roading and towing needs.

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    Rolling Big Power 

    Rolling Big Power (RBP) usually combines their grilles with their front bumper, offering more bang for your buck. Their carbon-steel truck bumpers are rugged and custom fit to your vehicle.  Available in both front and rear bumper options.


    Off-Road Rim Financing is proud to be able to support you off-roading adventures with our superb wheels, tires, rims, bumpers, and other accessories that make your adventure easy and safe. Shop our vast selection, and financing your tires, wheels, and bumpers today!

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