Choosing The Best Rims and Wheels

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    So you want to customize your truck. Good news, you’ve found yourself at the right place! Whether you’re looking for off-road truck rims, truck suspension upgrades, or performance wheel and tires (or all of the above)—Off-Road Rim Financing LLC can help you with all of that, and then some.

    Depending on how long you’ve been searching for rims online and other truck performance parts, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how you’re going to choose what rims, wheels, and tires are best for your truck or SUV. It’s fine, you’re not alone, and that’s exactly where we come in. Off-Road Rim Financing makes affording performance wheels and tires easy with our custom quote form. Simply complete the form based on what you’re looking for and one of our representatives will follow up with you with a personalized list of performance packages that is within your vehicle’s make, suspension modifications, and your budget.

    If you have just started doing your research, and want to learn more about choosing the best rims and wheels for your vehicle—we’ve got you covered.

    Tires and Wheels

    Tires are hands down one of the most important parts on your vehicle, and we’re not just saying that because that’s what our bread and butter is. It’s true. Tires not only support your vehicle and get you from point A to point B, but they determine how successful your car will be with handling tight corners, turns, and your speed. A good set of tires will harness the engine’s power and allow the brakes to do their job. Those chunks of rubber hold an enormous burden and you should avoid settling for a cheap set.

    In addition to quality tires, you’ll want to have the best wheels to mount the tires onto, right? Of course. These are a set of sleek and streamlined wheels used to only emphasize a specific social status or trend, whereas today that is no longer the case. People are becoming more and more educated on how tires and wheels can improve their vehicle’s performance. Nowadays, you’ll see suburban housewives’ SUVs sitting on a custom set of 18” wheels picking up their kids from school. Even if their husbands had some influence on their upgrade, we’re glad to see people stepping away from stock wheels and getting the equipment to enhance their vehicle’s performance.

    However, there is somewhat of a misconception that bigger equals better. Sure, big wheels and tires look pretty damn good—but how do they perform? If performance is your main priority and vanity is second, than modesty is the best policy. After all, what good is a sweet looking ride, if you can’t drive it at its full potential, or even take it off-road? Relax, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for what the dealership sent you home with, but bigger wheels tend to be more for looks and not for performance. Fortunately, Off-Road Rim Financing has the best names for performance wheels and tires so no matter what, when you order from us you’re going to end up with the highest quality and best looking performance package for your truck or SUV.       

    Choosing The Best Tires and Wheels

    First off, how decisive are you? Because choosing tires and wheels for your vehicle is going present a whirlwind of options for you to choose from. In this case, head over the custom quote form, complete the needed information and allow us to help narrow down the options for you. Secondly, it’s best to go into this process with a basic understanding of fitment and other common terminology. Neglecting to educate yourself on fitment puts you at risk for an inaccurate clearance, causing vibration issues that will inevitably alter the quality of your ride. A little tip is that most wheel manufacturers will stamp or etch the wheel’s dimensions and offset information on the back of the wheel.  

    Basic Wheel Terminology

    • Fitment:
      Not sure what fitment is? It’s okay if you don’t, we won’t tell anyone, it basically means what the wheel-tire sizes can be in order to properly mount the wheel to your vehicle. Any vehicle will have a range of wheel/tire diameter sizes of several inches that will fit properly, allowing flexibility when you want to tailor wheel size for looks and performance.
    • Wheels and Rims:
      No, they are not the same thing. Even though people will often refer to wheels and rims as the same thing, they are not. The rim is actually part of the full wheel itself. Just like the rim of cup, or a jar, it is the outermost part of the wheel and supports the tire to create an airtight seal.
    • Offset:
      To put it simply, the wheel’s offset is the distance between its centerline and its hub-mounting surface. It’s important to know because it determines where the wheel sits laterally, its track width, how your suspension reacts, and can drastically improve the vehicle’s appearance. Offset can be classified in three ways:


      • Positive offset – The wheel’s hub-mounting surface sits closer to its outboard side.
      • Negative offset – A wheel with an offset less than zero has its hub-mounting surface position closer to its inboard side.
      • Zero offset – A mathematical dream. The wheel’s hub-mounting surface aligns perfectly with its centerline to satisfy the most OCD individual.  

    Wheels refer to the whole wheel. Easy enough, right? It’s the metal disc with spokes and a specific bolt pattern where lug nuts or bolts attach the wheel to the vehicle’s hub.

    Other parts of the wheel you’ll want to know are:

    • Spokes
    • Lug holes
    • Bolt pattern
    • Center cap bore
    • Valve stem hole

    We hope that you’ve learned a few things to help you understand tires, wheels, and rims. It’s a lot of information, but it’s valuable information in order for you to make an educated decision when choosing performance tires and wheels. If you’re not a performance tire and wheel expert, you have at least found your way to our site, where we can help you choose the best off-road truck rims online. Interested in lift kits, light bars, cold air intakes, exhausts, bumpers, and other performance parts? Heck yeah you are! And we’ve got them all here too. Check out our truck lift kits and accessories to shop a variety of lift/level kit brand names.  

    Complete the Off-Road Rim Financing custom quote form, apply for our wheel and tire financing, and allow us to do the rest. Have questions? Feel free to contact us to speak with a representative today. We offer convenient lease-to-own options on the best truck performance parts online. Our prices are unbeatable. Apply for your Off-Road Rim Financing and get the truck of your dreams now!

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