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    Sick of the hassle of having to save up for months or years just to get the off-road truck upgrades you want? Off-Road Rim Financing makes it possible to get the best tires, rims, and wheels you want without having to wait. Financing with us is immediate and our rates are very competitive. You don’t even have to have credit to set up a lease-to-own plan with us. We set you up with a premium lease-to-own that allows you to make your vehicle look and perform exactly how you want it at a monthly price you can actually afford.

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    Immediately after you sign up for a lease-to-own option and get approved for a specific monthly plan, we take care of everything else. All you have to do is tell us what fitment you currently have, then we’ll send you a complete list of everything we have available that will work for your truck. From there, you simply fill out a custom quote form and choose which off-road tires, wheels, or other parts you like to get to make the perfect kit for you!

    Off-Road Rim Financing Makes Getting New Truck Tires Easy

    One of the main benefits of financing your tire upgrades through us instead of somewhere else is that, with us, you can get financing taken care of entirely online, 24 hours a day. No matter what time, day or night, when you fill out an application for financing, you get a reply instantly, so you can start looking for the new tires or rims you want for your truck or SUV ASAP. 

    Off-Road Rim Financing specializes in finding you the absolute perfect fitments for lifted, leveled, as well as stock trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. When you finance through us, you can enjoy your new truck upgrades fast, as well as enjoy the low monthly payments and zero money down of your lease-to-own option. 

    So apply today, and discover all the off-road wheels and tires we have to offer! Our sales reps will be able to help you find the tire package that you have always wanted. 

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    Types of Off-Road Tires Available

    Off-Road Rim Financing carries all the major tire brands and types available. What are the main categories of tires you can finance with us? 

    • All-Terrain Tires: These are a type of tire that are designed to perform well in weather conditions such as snow, ice, and rain. 
    • Mud-Terrain Tires: Thinking about getting tires for going through muddy backroads or fields? Mud-terrain tires, with their larger tread blocks and aggressive style, give you the capabilities you need to deal with messy conditions. 
    • Rugged-Terrain Tires: Rugged-terrain tires have less tread than mud-terrain tires, and are best suited for those who plan on off-roading primarily on dirt and gravel.
    • Highway Tires: Not into off-roading? No problem! We also can finance your more fuel-efficient, highway tires too! 

    No matter what type of tire you’re looking for, whether better ones for getting to work or quality tires for off-road adventures, reach out to Off-Road Rim Financing today to get the hands-on, in-person support you need. We’ll walk you through financing your new tire and wheel set each step of the way!


    Your New Tire Lease-To-Own Option

    No matter if you are looking for a lease-to-own option for rims, tires, or even a lift kit, Off-Road Rim Financing has your back. All you have to do to get started is sign up for a free quote below and apply for our zero-obligation, zero-credit needed lease-to-own option!

    Options can be as short as 90 days or all the way up to 24 months. After filling out the custom quote form, we’ll then send you a list of all the wheels, tires, and/or lifts that match your specific fitment and price-point. From there the decision is yours!

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    Get started with an Off-Road Rim Financing wheel and tire package today to receive our no credit or a credit-based lease-to-own option. We offer zero down and low monthly payment on all of our financing packages or a small initial payment and low monthly payments on our leasing packages, as well as a 90-day lease-to-own option!

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