How Long Do All-Terrain Tires Last?

    how long do all terrain tires last

    On average, your all-terrain tires will have a lifespan of about 40,000 miles.

    However, this figure will vary according to several factors. For instance, two factors determining your tires’ longevity are their tread pattern and rubber compound.

    High-quality all-terrain tires will last longer than cheap ones. High-quality, all-terrain tires can sometimes last as long as 80,000+ miles.

    Factors Affecting the Longevity of Your All-Terrain Tires

    Besides rubber compound and tread pattern, here are four other factors you should consider when answering the question, “How long do all-terrain tires last?”

    Road Performance

    Different road crews will use different materials when constructing roads and highways. These materials vary in their abrasiveness and will affect the number of miles you’ll be able to get out of your tires.

    For instance, a roughly paved road will cause your all-terrain tires to wear faster.

    Driving Style

    Adjusting your driving style can increase or decrease your all-terrain tires’ longevity. Being softer with your brake and gas pedal and taking turns at lower speeds will help your tires last longer.

    Driving Environment

    Where do you do most of your driving?

    Urban driving involves a lot more starting and stopping. These acts cause slippage, which significantly affects the wear on your tires’ treads. As a result, urban driving will decrease your tires’ lifespan quicker than highway driving.

    Similarly, driving on steeper roads will wear the tire tread quicker than driving on flat, straight roads.

    Maintenance Schedule

    Following your tires’ proper maintenance schedule will also increase your tires’ lifespan. Ensure you get a professional mechanic to rotate, balance, and inspect your all-terrain tires regularly to reduce uneven wear.

    Quality All-Terrain Tire Replacements

    While they are excellent for those who do a mixture of off-roading and highway driving, how long do all-terrain tires last?

    All-terrain tires have tread patterns that are more aggressive than highway tires and more moderate than mud-terrain or winter tires. These tires give you a decent grip on sandy, wet, or rocky off-road trails while offering smoother rides on everyday roads.

    However, nothing lasts forever, and your all-terrain tires are no exception.

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    How Long Do All-Terrain Tires Last?

    Though certain factors can help your all-terrain tires last longer, replacing them is inevitable. Understandably, most drivers put this off due to the high costs of new tires.

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