How Often Should You Balance Your Tires?

    how often should you balance your tires

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    Most drivers only think about their tires when there’s a puncture or when it’s time to replace them. However, getting your tires rotated and balanced regularly is a vital part of your car maintenance and goes a long way in preventing damage.

    Why is tire balancing vital? How often should you balance your tires? Read on as we answer these and more questions.

    What Is Tire Balancing?

    Tire balancing refers to the process of making sure your tires support an equal amount of your vehicle’s weight. This is done using a balancing machine, which centers your wheels and spins them at high speeds to determine the heaviest point and how to equalize the balance.

    Your wheels can develop two types of tire imbalance – static and dynamic. Static imbalances happen when a light or heavy section in your tire causes it to rotate unevenly, resulting in a hop.

    Dynamic imbalances occur when one side of your wheel’s lateral centerline is supporting an unequal amount of weight. This type of imbalance usually leads to a side-to-side wobble.

    Why You Need To Balance Your Tires

    With driving, it’s not just about getting from point A to B. It’s also about making sure the journey there is safe and comfortable. This is why tire balancing matters.

    Here are a few reasons why you need to balance your tires regularly.

    Uneven Tread Wear

    Imbalanced tires can cause uneven tread wear, which greatly increases the chances of your tires blowing out.

    Ride Comfort

    An imbalanced tire can leave you with an extremely uncomfortable ride quality, with your tire and wheel creating severe vibrations.

    Reduced Longevity

    Tire imbalance also greatly cuts short your tires’ longevity. As great as our wheels and tires financing options are, we don’t want you replacing your tires prematurely.

    How Often Should You Balance Tires?

    Now that you know why you need it, how often should you balance your tires? Generally, we recommend getting your tires balanced every 12,000 miles or at least once a year. However, this frequency can vary.

    For instance, if you have an SUV or a four-wheel-drive truck, you’ll need to balance your tires a lot more frequently. Off-road enthusiasts will also need regular tire balancing to keep their tires in tip-top shape.

    Sometimes, reviewing the tire buying guide or looking out for certain signs will help you know if your tires need balancing. One major sign to look out for is any wheel vibration in your steering wheel.

    Make Your Tires Last Longer with Regular Balancing

    How often should you balance your tires? The truth is you don’t need to wait for the 12,000-mile mark to balance your tires. Regular trips to the balancing machine will go a long way in helping you make your tires last longer.

    The best part is that when it comes time to replace your tires, Off-Road Rim Financing will be here to offer great financing options. Call us at (888) 568-5048 to learn more.

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