How to Build Your Off-Road Truck Part 1

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    You have a truck. You have a good truck. Now you want to go off-roading with this said truck. It’s not as easy as it appears. You could just take your truck as-is out on the trails. But do you really want to come home with scratches, dents, or even worse auto body damage?

    Off-Road Rim Financing makes it easy for you to avoid this mishap by offering the best off-road wheel and tire packages, as well as the best financing for your off road rims and tires. We make the whole process fast, simple, and easy with stellar customer service to back it up. Today, we’re going to discuss how to build your off-road truck from scratch. When you’ve done your research and you’re ready, go to our website, and fill out an application today!


    The Right Tires

    It all starts with the right tires. There’s a reason most modern roads are flat and smooth — to make them easy for your car or truck to travel on. However, as you’ve noticed as soon as you go on dirt roads, nature wasn’t built for automobiles. When you want to go off-roading, you need an off-road tire you can count on, i.e. one with superb traction. You need to invest in off-road tires that were designed to go off-roading in all kinds of terrain, from rain, mud, or snow. You’ll need an off-road tire that can grip different kinds of surfaces as well, from sand, rocks, mud, or even grass. This is especially important when braking and turning corners. There are multiple brands of off-road tires that Off-Road Rim Financing offers. Shop online today.

    Four-wheel Drive

    When off-roading, next to tires, you’ll need a vehicle that is capable of driving with all four wheels. When you’re highway driving, you only need the front two to steer (hence 2-wheel drive). The back two tires merely follow along while the front two do all the work. With a four-wheel drive (4WD) system, all four tires will be engaged, locking the differential in place and will move at the same speed, which allows them to be able to grip the surface you are asking it to roll over. Don’t be confused by all-wheel drive, which is not the same. All-wheel drive (AWD) is basically a marketing tool that varies widely in capability from one truck to another. AWD basically senses if the wheel that is stuck and then sends power to it to help it, which most of the time doesn’t do much. Unless you have a locking front and rear differential, you’ll never have maximum traction off-roading


    As the top-rated off-road rim and tire financing company, Off-Road Rim Financing offers amazing off-road tires and wheels. As we’ve just learned, it’s not the best idea to go down an unknown wilderness track with your two-wheel drive vehicle with standard highway tires in place. Off-roading is fun, but you want to make sure you don’t spend the majority of your time stuck. Apply for off-road tire lease-to-own option today!

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