How to Build Your Off-Road Truck Part 2

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    Off-roading is on many people’s bucket list — and for good reason. There’s something special about off-roading. It evokes a time long past, where horses and wagons ruled, the buffalo still roamed in herds of thousands, and seeing a bear was commonplace. With off-roading, you get a sense of going places few others have been. You can explore like Lewis and Clark and go on adventures like Amelia Earhart.

    Off-Road Rim Financing is passionate about helping you go places where you feel as if you are the only person on earth. That’s why we offer the best off-road tires, off-road rims, and off-road wheels at the best prices with amazing lease-to-own options. We believe life is too short to sit around on the weekends, contemplating whether or not you will mow your front yard. Life is meant to be lived, and our wheel and tire packages allow you to do just that. Below, we’ll continue our series on how to build your off-road truck. Visit us online today!


    Lift Kits

    Most people think lift kits were invented to make a truck look cool. While it definitely does this, lift kits’ primary purpose is to make your truck sit taller and give it more ground clearance. Ground clearance allows it to go over more obstacles easier. That being said, ground clearance isn’t the only factor that goes into making a truck maneuverable or not. The approach angle, break-over angle, and departure angle (all fancy terms for the angle that your car’s tires go over obstacles) play a role as well. The idea is to improve these angles, which you can do with a lift kit from Off-Road Rim Financing. We offer the top name brands in lift kits for financing, such as Rough Country, Zone Off Road, and Fabtech Motorsports. The type of lift kit and tire package you choose will of course depend upon what type of off-roading you will be doing most.


    An often-overlooked part of off-roading is gearing. Low gears are the key to going up and down obstacles easily. Gears help to control the influence your engine has over the wheels. Most 4WD vehicles come with a low-range transfer case to switch between gears. Remember getting stuck is no fun. After all, you want to see the sights, not be the sight for others as they pass you by. Invest in off-road tires and off-road wheels with Off-Road Rim Financing for your next adventure.


    Enjoying off-roading should be something everyone experiences at some point. It can be relaxing, fun, adventuresome, exhilarating, and without a doubt, beautiful. Off-Road Rim Financing promotes this with our amazing rim financing and wheel and tire lease-to-own financing. Simply visit our website, and apply online. We offer no credit needed off-road tire financing, as well as pre-approvals within minutes. We understand that you don’t have time to waste, so we do our best to get you an answer promptly. One of our friendly customer care associates is always here to answer your questions and help. Get your new parts shipped directly to your door. Apply online today!

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