How to Choose a Cold Air Intake for Your Off-Road Vehicle

Featured Image 622bd46986076A cold air intake is a popular aftermarket upgrade for truck enthusiasts and, in particular, for those who love off-roading. These add horsepower, throttle response, and even a better fuel economy. Off-Road Rim Financing offers the best in aftermarket cold air intakes for our customers. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to choose a cold air intake for your off-road truck. Shop today!

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Make Sure You Are Ordering the Right Make and Model

Many aftermarket cold air intake systems are designed with specific makes and models of trucks and vehicles in mind. Thus, make sure that the cold air intake system you are choosing is compatible.

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Materials Used

The main job of a cold air intake system is to remove the heat from your engine to allow colder air to flow. This colder air carries more oxygen, so the reactions inside your engine are stronger, giving it more umph. Thus, you want to ensure the materials are heat-resistant, durable, and, above all, long-lasting.

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Consider the Cold Air Intake Style

There are two different styles for cold air intake systems: a short ram system, which makes accessing the air filter easier, and a true cold air intake system, which is designed to move the cold air as quickly as possible. Both do the job, but with the true cold air intake system, you may see more performance gains.

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The Flow System of the Intake

The flow of air is what takes precedence in a cold air intake system. Thus, you want a system that moves air the fastest. Thus, the design of the intake tube matters greatly here, so look for a straight hose rather than a curved oen.


Off-Road Rim Financing offers the best brands for cold air intake systems, including Advanced Engine Management, AFE Power, and Airaid. If you are looking to up the ante for your engine performance, invest in our cold air intake systems today!