How to Choose a Truck Bumper

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    The array of truck accessories is dizzying. It’s akin to spinning around until you fall down. With so many styles and brands and options, how do you know how to accessorize your truck and with what? In today’s blog post, Off Road Rim Financing, the best off road rim and tire lease-to-own financing available, will review some of your options when it comes to truck bumpers and truck bars.




    There are five kinds of truck bumpers to choose from:


    1. Base bumpers. Base bumpers are a low profile bumper that is designed to provide room for other truck accessories such as winches, LED light bars, and pod lights. These bumpers are utilitarian and impact resistant.
    2. Prerunner bumpers. Prerunner bumpers are distinguished by a front push bar that sits higher than the bumper. This adds protection while still leaving room for additional truck accessories. D-rings, pod lights, winches, and more fit nicely to customize your bumper.
    3. Grille guard bumpers. These truck bumpers combine a base bumper with a large protective shield to protect your truck’s grille. From heavy-duty steel to mesh wiring, grill guard bumpers still leave room for all your much-needed truck accessories.
    4. Tube bumpers. The simplest and lightest bumper, tube bumpers offer great protection in accidents and if used as a rear bumper, still leaves your bumper available as a step. Fully customizable, tube bumpers are perhaps the most versatile of truck bumpers.
    5. OE style bumpers. OE style bumpers are very similar to your factory bumper, but just with added protections. Featuring an integrated step at the license plate, this truck bumper still allows for truck accessories, easy access to the truck bed and all towing packages.




    When choosing the right truck bumper for you, ask yourself what you want the bumper for and how will it be used. Off Road Rim Financing, the best in offroad truck wheels, suggests options to consider when choosing a truck bumper:


    • Truck bumper coating. The last thing you want after spending money on an aftermarket truck bumper is one that chips right away. The coating of the truck bumper will protect it from both impacts and corrosion. We recommend powder coating over the others, which has the most durability, protection, and color options on the market.
    • Style and appearance. Let’s face it: aftermarket truck bumpers look cool on your truck. You’ll want to balance the overall look of the truck and the way the bumper looks with the functionality of the truck bumper.
    • Design. A truck bumper exists first and foremost to protect you in the event of impact. The Grille guard bumper offers the most protection as it covers the entire front of your truck. However, the Grille guard bumper tends to be large and heavy. Off Road Rim Financing recommends the Prerunner bumper for a balance of protection and style.



    Off Road Rim Financing carries the following bumper brands: Iron Cross, Ranch Hand, Road Armor, and Rolling Big Power. With our easy application process, you can finance your bumper online today. A truck bumper is an affordable way to invest in safety and functionality of your truck. Contact us today!


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