How to Combine Camping with Off-Roading

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    Summer is almost here — the favorite season of off-roading enthusiasts. It’s time to haul out our ATV’s, give them a good bath, inspect our off road rims and tires, and plan our off-roading adventures. However, you also love to camp and want to be able to camp and off-road. In this blog post by Off-Road Rim Financing, the premier online company that offers off-road wheel and tire packages, we’ll offer up tips on how to combine your love of camping with off-roading. See our online lease-to-own financing options today!


    • Right places. Off-roading is not found at any ol’ campground. In order to combine camping and off-roading, you’ll have to plan ahead. Off-Road Rim Financing recommends narrowing your search down by finding the place you want to off-road first because there are less places to off-road than to camp. Once you find your favorite off-road places, narrow it down, pick one, and then begin your search for a nearby campground.
    • Right gear. To successfully camp (and by successfully, we mean comfortably and having everything you need), you will need the proper supplies, such as tents, coolers, campers, food, drinks, proper clothing attire, hiking boots, utensils, etc. All of this has to be prepared. Then, you’ll have to get all of your gear together to successfully go off-roading. This off-roading gear includes your ATVs, of course, extra gas, extra spark plugs, tools, a spare off-road tire, maybe some extra off-road rims, and a smaller cooler for snacks. Once you have all this together, you’ll have to pack all of your essentials for transport to your camp ground. Hey, no one ever said off-roading was easy, but we all know it’s definitely worth the work involved.
    • Bask in the lap of luxury offered by EarthRoamer. EarthRoamers are the top-of-the-line in luxury camping. These luxury overland vehicles have taken a Ford chassis and turned them into campers with off-roading capabilities. And not just any off-roading capabilities. These monster machines boast the best in off-road wheels and tires and off-road rims and will go just about anywhere. With these luxury overland vehicles, you won’t need to find a campground; you can just stop where you are at and set up camp right there. You definitely won’t forget any supplies when you’re driving an EarthRoamer. These monster machines take camping and off-roading to a whole new level by combining the two into an unstoppable machine. Perfect for the hard-core enthusiast who wants an experience like no other, EarthRoamers are not for the faint of heart (nor the faint of pocketbook). Be sure to order your off-road wheels and tires from Off-Road Rim Financing before you embark in an adventure in these luxury overland vehicles.

    Off-Road Rim Financing is passionate about bringing off-roading to the masses, and what better way to do so than combining camping and off-roading. Not only will you have fun sitting around the campfire at night telling stories, but you’ll also have an amazing time during the day, exploring in your ATVs and taking on challenging rock climbs and stream crossings. And if you’re lucky enough to own an EarthRoamer, you’ll never have to leave your off-road vehicle. Find your off-road wheels and tire lease-to-own option today!

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