How to Make Tires Last Longer: Simple Strategies for Extra Miles

    how to make tires last longer

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    Are you tired of replacing your vehicle’s tires sooner than expected? Tires should be lasting between 40,000 and 70,000 miles, but you’ll hardly attain those distances without giving your treads a helping hand.

    Off Road Rim Financing has provided reliable wheels and tires financing for years. We know what it takes to keep tires in good shape, so below are a few experts tips for how to make tires last longer below.

    Maintain Proper Tire Pressure 

    Do you check your tire pressure regularly? Properly inflated tires aren’t just about a comfortable ride; they improve your fuel efficiency. Here’s how:

    • Low pressure leads to the tire sidewalls flexing excessively, which generates heat and accelerates wear. 
    • Too much pressure makes the center of your tires’ treads wear more quickly, as this is the part touching the road.

    Standard tire pressure (pound per square inch) is between 30 and 35. Experts recommend that you check your car’s manual for the recommended tire pressure. That way, you can avoid over or underinflation for your particular make and model of vehicle.

    Regularly Monitor Tread Wear

    How can you gauge how fast your tire tread is wearing down? One way is with a penny.

    • Slot the penny with the head upside down into the tire’s shallowest groove.
    • Can you see Lincoln’s head? If so, your tire’s tread is worn, and you should budget for a new set.

    Monitoring your tread helps you notice issues like uneven wear or distortion. The earlier you detect such problems, the better your chance of correcting them is. Catching issues early also extends your tire’s useful life.

    Uphold Routine Tire Rotation

    It’s wise to have your tires rotated regularly. This switches their positions to promote even wear and tear so that the front wheel won’t wear faster than the rear one, and vice versa. Your tires will last longer. 

    How often should you rotate a vehicle’s tires? A good rule of thumb is to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles, which could be several times a year based on your driving habits.

    Maintain Proper Tire Alignment and Balance

    There’s another critical trick for how to make tires last longer: proper alignment. Aligned tires prevent crooked steering and rapid tire wear. 

    Have your tire balance and alignment assessed by a qualified professional at least twice yearly. 

    Keep Your Tires Clean

    Clean tires don’t just look good; they also last longer! 

    This makes sense, as dirt, grime, and other contaminants eat away at your tires and collect sharp road debris more easily.

    Burnouts Aren’t Cool!

    Burning rubber might feel thrilling, but that’s unforgiving on tires. Try to avoid aggressive acceleration, sudden braking, and unnecessary burnouts. 

    Instead, drive smoothly. It’s safer, but it also saves you bucketloads of money on tire replacements!

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    You know how to make tires last longer, but they still don’t last forever. 

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