How To Measure Your Truck For Custom Wheels and Tires

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    Measuring For Custom Wheels & Tires

    When measuring your truck for custom wheels and tires the first order of business is determining your truck’s wheel size. Before you order yourself the first set of rims and tires you love, there is a lot to consider. Wheel sizing is the most critical, and if you’re going to make such a large investment to your ride, you want to make sure it’s measured accurately.

    How To Determine Wheel Width

    First, let’s discuss wheel width. A popular misconception is that advertised wheel width is wheel width. It’s not. Advertised wheel width is the width from bead seat to bead seat. For the newbies, bead seat is where the tire meets the rim. Actual wheel width is the width from face to face which means the width begins from the outermost part of the wheel from side to side. For example, a manufacturer’s specifications of an eight inch wide wheel, you’re actually ordering a nine inch wide wheel. If you’re cutting wheel fitment close, ordering an eight inch wide wheel could cause some trouble when it comes time for mounting. The reason being is sidewall tire bulge becomes an issue.

    How To MeasurE Hub Diameter

    Another aspect that trips people up is hub diameter. People tend to get really confused or neglect measuring it all together. An easy way to determine hub diameter is to take a pair of calipers and measure the hub at its largest point. The goal is for the wheel to fit on the hub nicely, but not interfere with the fit to the point that you need to force the wheel. The wheel should glide right onto the hub and stay put. Once the hub diameter is good to go, be sure you check the hub length. Does the hub stick out? The goal should be to fit inside the wheel’s center cap.

    Determining Wheel Fitment

    When it comes the wheel fitment, you must know the overall size of a wheel well by the time you order your off-road wheels and tires. If you’re having a hard time with this process, contact us and we can help. We want your truck to look its best with the best rims and wheels online!

    Shop Your Personalized Wheel & Tire Fitment Options

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