4 Must-Have Off-Roading Gear

    must have off-road gear

    Going off-roading takes you out of your comfort zone and tests the boundaries of your thirst for adventure. 

    Before you go on your journey, think about essential items you may need if you lose service, break down, or just end up lost. Here is a list of must-have off-road gear to keep you safe on your adventure.

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    Off-Road Navigation

    Typical map navigation apps only work for paved roads. When you go off-roading, you can easily get lost, especially your first few times out. An off-road navigation app gives you instant access to nearby off-road trails and campsites.

    Vehicle Recovery Gear

    Every road vehicle runs the risk of getting stuck during off-roading. A recovery kit is must-have off-road gear to help get you out of a jam during your journey. From a good pair of work gloves to a good jump starter, make sure you have everything you could need if something goes wrong.

    Vehicle Recovery Boards

    Slip these traction boards under your tires to keep them from spinning out as you try to get your truck out of mud, snow, or whatever else it’s stuck in.

    Earth Anchor 

    What happens when you need to winch your vehicle, but there are no trees or even boulders around? That’s where an earth anchor comes in handy. It provides an anchor point directly into the ground when there is no other available option.

    Extra Fuel

    The last thing you want during your adventure is to run out of gas. Extra fuel in a designated liquid storage container will ensure you get back home safely without having to call for help.

    Air Compressor

    Successful off-roading requires you to adjust tire pressure so your truck has the right amount of traction. Your tires need less or more pressure to avoid getting stuck on various types of terrain. When you finish your off-roading adventure, you need to restore enough pressure to safely drive on a paved surface.

    Emergency Supplies

    Before you leave home, you need to pack emergency supplies in case you have to spend a night in the desert unexpectedly. Keep food, water, and blankets easily accessible so you can stay comfortable until morning when you can call for help. Even if you are only stranded for a few hours, keeping plenty of water on hand could mean the difference between life and death.

    A first-aid kid with bandages and pain relievers will help with minor injuries. A headlamp will help you stay safe in the vast darkness of night. 

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    When you get ready for your next adventure, the perfect wheel and tire set is part of your must-have off-road gear. We offer financing options for alloy wheels for off-roading and any other kind of wheel and tire combination you dream about. Build your package with our online form, or call 888-871-2346 and let us help you go on your next adventure in style.

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