How Wheel Size Affects off Road Performance

    off road performance

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    You must choose the best wheel for your needs for optimal off-road performance. However, understanding which one works for you can be challenging. The team at Off Road Rim Financing is here to help you determine which tire & wheel will work best for your off-road adventures.

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    Choosing Your Performance Wheels 

    Knowing the difference between an off-road performance wheel and a standard truck wheel can help you figure out which one benefits you the most. What do you need out of your wheels and tires? Off-road wheels have the following benefits over traditional truck wheels:

    • Better traction in mud or on a dirt road
    • More durable for non-pavement rolling
    • Bulkier sides to prevent punctures

    Upgraded wheels make off-roading in various terrains safer and more manageable but do not travel on the pavement as well. However, you need the right wheel if you plan on going off the beaten path. The following explains the pros and cons of small and large off-road performance wheels.

    Small Wheel Benefits 

    Small wheels greatly enhance your off-roading experience and can significantly benefit your engine’s gas use. Large wheels weigh more, forcing your engine to work harder and use more gas.

    Small wheels allow for large tires, which provides the following benefits:

    • Solid grip
    • More protective cushioning
    • More durable

    You’ll save on gas with a smaller wheel and gain more control over the vehicle.

    Large Wheel Benefits

    Typically, smaller wheels perform better than larger wheels. However, larger wheels do have some benefits, such as better traction. For many, better traction outweighs performance. To mitigate the weight of large wheels, consider choosing aluminum.

    Most wheels have steel, which weighs significantly more than aluminum. The lower weight of aluminum can benefit off-road performance and lessen the wear on your engine.

    What’s the Best Wheel for Me? 

    Many prefer choosing a wheel with a diameter that’s half the tire’s height, and that remains a good rule of thumb. However, for optimal results, you should request help from a professional. Consider what advantages you want, and ensure you choose a wheel that proves manageable for your vehicle’s needs.

    What type of off-roading should you prepare for? Depending on your goals, you may require a larger or smaller wheel. Various terrains will affect your upgraded wheels differently, so consider your plans and choose accordingly.

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