Off-Roading Trails At Moab

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    Utah is hands down the most popular and greatest off-road destination — and Moab, especially, is the equivalent to Disneyland® for us off-road enthusiasts. In a previous blog, we listed our favorite off-road destinations throughout the country. In today’s article, we’ll focus on the Mecca of all off-road and four-wheeling excursions and provide our readers with an all-inclusive list of the best spots in Moab.

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    The Best Moab Trails For Off-Roading

    Once your truck or Jeep is stocked with all of the best performance wheels and tires, you’re ready for Moab. Whether it’s your first Moab journey or your tenth, it never gets old and there always seems to be something new to explore.

    As you plan your next Moab adventure, take note of these popular Moab trails and be sure to add these to your Moab bucket list.

    Hell’s Revenge

    Known as a top-rated off-road trail, Hell’s Revenge is 6.5 miles of challenging trails intended for more experienced drivers. Rated a 6 by Red-Rocks Four-Wheelers, Hell’s Revenge is an iconic trail that’s home to the Escalator, the Car Wash, Mickey’s Hot Tub, Tip-Over Challenge, and many more insanely intense obstacles. While the course provides plenty of adversities, the backdrop is nothing short of spectacular with a breathtaking view of the LaSalle Mountains.

    Be warned, Hell’s Revenge is one of the most crowded destinations in Moab. Off-roaders flood the trails, but it is well worth the wait for your chance to climb and crawl the cliffs of Hell’s Revenge.

    For expert riders, be sure you hit up Hell’s Gate near the overlook. It scores a solid eight on the off-road rating and certainly satisfies those seeking the ultimate off-road challenge. If you are unsure of your off-roading capabilities, proceed on Hell’s Gate with caution. There is no denying that this hill is tough — and it’s perfectly okay to sit this one out. Instead, pull up a chair, sit back to watch and learn from other riders (or laugh at the embarrassing attempts to show off for the crowds.)

    Top Of The World

    As you may already know, there are plenty of places to climb and four-wheel to your heart’s content — but few offer the rewarding satisfaction that Top Of The World offers enthusiasts. Just before you reach the site of the Dewey Bridge, and 30-miles out of town, the scenery alone of Top of The World is enough for one to take on the challenge. Rated at approximately six or seven, this trail isn’t the most challenging, but it does offer a variety of terrains to excite any four-wheeler with technical obstacles. Some say the eastern side of the loop is more difficult than the western route, but either side you choose to climb, the way down should be done slowly and with caution. Which isn’t a bad thing, considering you’ll have a front row seat to some of the most beautiful scenic views in Moab.

    Coyote Canyon

    Short on time? Interested in something that’s off the grid? Coyote Canyon is the perfect option for those who want a brief adrenaline rush before heading Area BFE. Just passed the little bridge, on the left side, you’ll see a deceptive looking trail that’s cut into the hillside.

    Coyote Canyon has perfectly sized boulders on an enticingly steep incline that will immediately put you on a roller coaster ride right from the get-go. This hidden trail is one of the best rockcrawl trails in the southwestern part of Moab. Due to a few technicalities, the BLM considers this trail closed, which is why you won’t be able to find GPS coordinates. Our fingers are crossed that through group efforts, Coyote Canyon will be on the books for the public to enjoy.

    Moab Rim

    If you can’t seem to get enough of an adrenaline rush and you’re craving more and more — Moab Rim is the ultimate cliff trail that will have you at pucker-factor-ten from start to finish. Outrageous climbs and crazy obstacles with facefirst descends 800-feet above the Colorado River, Moab Rim is not for the faint of heart. Newbies need to perfect their capabilities for quite some time before they give this cliff trail a try. Anyone else who has valid rock crawling experience will most definitely enjoy everything that this trek has to offer. Once you make the ascent, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking scenery, historical rock art, and the bragging rights that you conquered Moab Rim.

    Upper Helldorado

    Located in Area BFE, Upper Helldorado is held on private land and 100 percent hard-core. This area has plenty of exciting things to keep riders busy for hours and easily provide the most bang for their buck. The entrance is off-camber and immediately drops off where you’re greeted with massive boulders, tight squeezes that will more than likely leave evidence of your visit on the windshield frame. And to top it off, the infamous waterfall climb at the end is the perfect way to finish this excursion.

    Metal Masher

    North of Moab, Metal Masher runs close to other popular trails including Golden Spike. Just like most of the trails in Moab, the scenic backdrop at Metal Masher makes the challenge even more awesome. The versatile terrain has a little bit of everything for off-roaders of all kinds including sand, slickrock, steep edges, and climbs. Metal Masher is a happy-medium for a variety of skill levels with different obstacles like Widowmaker and Mother-in-Law Hill that requires more advanced skills and above average equipment.

    Poison Spider Mesa

    West on highway 279 from highway 191, you’ll see an interesting steep dirt entrance on the right side of the road that takes you to Poison Spider Mesa. The trail features bypasses for tougher obstacles, steep slickrocks, and fossilized dinosaur footprints — what more could you ask for? The Poison Spider is another great trail with so much to offer that will certainly satisfy any off-road enthusiast.

    If you’re new to the off-road life, prepare to spend a lot of time in Moab and be sure to add these popular trails to your off-road bucket list. Prepare for all of your excursions and get stocked up with the best off-road performance wheels and tires from Off-Road Rim and Financing!

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