Post Off-Road Maintenance: What You Need

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    Taking your vehicle off those paved roads and into the wilderness can be thrilling and give you a rush. Off-roading is also a great way to take some time from your responsibilities. However, when you get back, it’s important to prioritize what’s important so that you can continue to enjoy off-roading. One of the responsibilities that comes with a passion like this is maintenance.

    As with most cars, maintenance plays a big part in the well-being of your vehicle and its ability to safely cruise and climb the wild off-road obstacles. In our blog post today, we’re going to touch on a few of the primary forms of maintenance that you should have done after enjoying a day off-roading.

    Clean It Up

    With all off-roading adventures comes a little bit of extra dirt. Though it may seem harmless, it’s essential that you take some time, almost immediately, to clean your vehicle up. The undercarriage of your off-roading vehicle can experience serious damage if it’s not taken care of after a trip. Moreso, you’ll want to open up the hood of your vehicle and make sure that you give the engine a good cleaning as well.

    As time-consuming as it may feel, this is an excellent habit to get into. Cleaning up your ride after an off-roading trip will not only protect the appearance of the vehicle, but it helps to avoid any larger issues from happening. It’s also a great way to get in a spot check so that you can acknowledge any damage or problems, sooner than later.


    When you’re spending time off-roading, you’re putting quite a bit of use into your tires and all of the equipment that keeps them intact. While you should make sure to clean your tires as well, they are going to require just a bit more maintenance than the rest of your car’s exterior. For starters, you’ll want to make sure to check the tire pressure in each tire once you get back, as well as the day after. With all of the different textures that off-roading provides, it’s not uncommon to wind up with a small crack or puncture in the tire that can lead to a slow leak. By checking your tire pressure early on, you’re less likely to wind up with a completely flat tire.

    Aside from that, you should also be checking for any loose lugnuts and their overall tightness. It’s not uncommon for them to loosen and fall off if you’ve been off-roading for extended periods of time. You should also check your spare tire, and it’s carrier to see how it’s handling all of the off-roading. Making sure that your tires are in good condition allows you to have stress-free fun while off-roading.


    Keeping your ride as smooth as possible while you’re off-roading is a must, and one of the pieces that make that a possibility are your shocks. While you’re examining your vehicle, we strongly suggest ensuring that your shocks are in good condition and that there aren’t any immediate repairs that you need to take care of.

    If there are any issues that you see with your shocks, you want to make sure that you get them taken care of before you head back out on your next off-roading adventure as they could cause a bigger issue for your vehicle, and the last place that you want to deal with that is in the great outdoors.


    Whether you’re driving on the interstate or you’re out in the middle of nowhere, your brakes are going to be very important for your safety. When you’re off-roading, your vehicle is going through mud, water, sand, and everything in between. Make sure to inspect your brakes, the brake drums and the surrounding area for any of sand or dirt that has gotten wedged in there. Aside from that, you want to make sure that the brake line looks good and isn’t in need of a replacement. If you notice anything that seems unusual, go ahead and bring that care in to get it taken care of.


    If the vehicle that you take off-roading is lifted, which most are, then you’re going to be using larger tires than most. These tires can be extremely tough on the axel of your vehicle. Examining the ball joints, stub shafts and knuckles of your axles can help you check for any larger issues that may be happening with your vehicle. The best way to go about examining your axels is to lift the car entirely and check for any looseness around the tires.

    Issues with the axels can be a more costly repair, but it’s one that allows for your vehicle to drive smoothly and run efficiently. If you love this sport and plan on using this vehicle for years to come, then it’s vital that you take good care of the axles — they will play a significant part in the well-being of your vehicle.


    Going along the rocky roads that people enjoy when off-roading is tough on your vehicle, and while a lot of the maintenance points we’ve touched on are ways that you’ll notice this on your vehicle. One of the ways that you’ll see the wear on your vehicle is through the alignment. Having your car aligned routinely is essential for all types of vehicles no matter the terrain that they’re driving on. However, when you are on these rockier terrains, you need to make sure that you’re having your alignment checked more frequently.

    If you start to notice that your car is veering to one side over the other, it’s time to take it in! Check for any signs of misalignment often, and your vehicle is going to last much longer and drive so much smoother.


    Now, when it comes to your rims, you are also going to want to examine them and make sure that they are in good condition after your off-roading trip. Your rims should be on tightly and should show no signs of grease. Your rims are an excellent way for you to notice any issues with your tires before they happen, so checking them is extremely important.

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