Premium Rim Guide: What Are Premium Wheels?

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    Finding the right accessories for your vehicle can be overwhelming with all the options available. In this post, Off-Road Rim Financing, your experts in wheels and tires financing answer the question, “What are premium wheels?” When you understand this concept, it’s easier to make your decision. Discover more below.

    What Are Premium Wheels?

    Many wheels are made out of steel. Steel wheels tend to be great for off-roading and are cheaper upfront than premium wheels. That said, though, they don’t look that aesthetically pleasing. Plus, because they’re so heavy, they tend not to be great for fuel efficiency.

    Most people want something that works for everyday use. They want something that improves their vehicle’s performance while also making them look amazing. Because of that, premium wheels are incredibly popular.

    What are premium wheels? The short answer is that they’re an upgrade from the factory-installed models. They’re usually of better quality than standard wheels and may include:

    • A bigger diameter
    • A staggered design
    • The use of alloy materials instead of steel wheels

    People usually choose this product when they want a better appearance, performance, or handling. Aluminum alloy wheels, for example, are more lightweight than their steel counterparts. 

    Alloy Wheels

    Buckle up; this is where things get confusing. All premium wheels are alloys, but the reverse isn’t true. With an alloy wheel, manufacturers usually combine magnesium or aluminum with other compounds. 

    This lightens the hub and gives it a chrome-like appearance that doesn’t corrode as easily as steel. It’s easier to create stylish designs and change the size of the wheel. 

    What’s more, these products have better heat conduction properties, which is good for your brakes. They’re also good for your suspension response and will improve performance. 

    The downside is that aluminum alloys don’t last as long as steel. In addition, they tend to cost more to both purchase and maintain.

    What Are the Benefits of Installing Premium Wheels? 

    Why upgrade your standard models? The cost may be worthwhile if you:

    • Value high-quality materials and innovative design
    • Want to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency
    • Are unlikely to go off-road or on rough roads with your vehicle
    • Want to improve your brake cooling capabilities
    • Wish to improve your car’s resale value
    • Are looking for better acceleration and road-handling
    • Want a unique look 
    • Like to put your car through its paces 
    • Want a custom finish or limited edition model

    Finance Your Premium Wheels Today!

    What are premium wheels? They’re high-quality models that can help improve your vehicle’s performance and appearance.

    While these wheels have a lot of benefits, they also have their downsides. In particular, they tend to be more expensive than standard options. 

    That’s where Off-Road Rim Financing can help. We’ll help you discover financing options that suit your unique budget. Work with us to get wheels you’ll love — without the high price tag.

    Call us at (888) 871-2346 today or explore more of our blog. May we interest you in a post about the ideal tires for road noise?

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