Reasons to Invest in New Wheels & Tires for the Summer

    Reasons to Invest in New Wheels & Tires for the Summer - Reasons to Invest in New Wheels 625eca864d442

    Jeep Tires for SummerEveryone talks about investing in snow tires for the winter. But what about investing in new wheels and tires for the summer? Off-Road Rim Financing offers the best wheel and tire financing. Our team excels at customer service, and we can’t wait to help you find the best tire package for your needs. Below, we’ll go over some reasons to invest in new wheels and tires for the summer. Shop online today!

    Reasons to Invest in New Wheels & Tires for the Summer

    Tires for Spring, Summer, Fall

    Summer Tires Have Better Spring, Summer & Fall Performance

    There’s a reason that summer tires are called performance tires. Summer tires perform better in the warmer months or in places that don’t experience a particularly hard winter. They are the best in dry conditions, and they offer excellent traction when it rains.

    Summer Tires have Traction

    Summer Tires Have the Best Traction

    If you are looking for the best stopping power, as well as traction, then summer wheels and tires are your best choices. Summer wheels and tires help to improve your stopping power by a few feet, which can make the difference in a rear-end collision. Since they are great in the wet weather, too, summer wheels and tires just make sense.

    Fuel Efficient Tires

    Summer Tires Are More Fuel-Efficient

    Summer tires are more fuel-efficient than winter tires and other types of wheels and tires. They are excellent in the hot weather because they have a stiffer construction and less friction, which ensures better ability to corner, brake, and accelerate — all of which take more gas if not working properly.

    Summer Tires Help to Reduce Road Noise

    Summer Tires Help to Reduce Road Noise

    All wheels and tires produce road noise, but some produce more than others. Due to fewer sipes and slits, summer tires produce less road noise than most others. This makes them a popular choice for those who own hybrid and electric cars because these cars don’t have the same engine noises that other cars do that can cover up this tires noise, so the tire noise is infinitely louder for these ones.


    Off-Road Rim Financing is proud to be your go-to for wheel and tire financing. We offer all of the major tire brands, including Michelin, Ironman, Firestone, and Tuff, as well as tire types, including summer tires. If you are looking for financing, our wheel and tire financing is top-notch. We offer instant financing decisions with no hidden fees or costs. You can lease-to-own, opt for a 90-day early buy option, and more. No credit is needed. We are dedicated to helping you have the wheels and tires you need today. Let our team help you find what you are looking for. Shop wheels and tires for sale online today!

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