The Beginner’s Guide To Off-Roading

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    The Beginner’s Guide To Off-Roading

    So, you want a little action and adrenaline in your life? As off-road enthusiasts ourselves,we don’t blame you. Fortunately for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. That is if you’re searching for advice on how to accomplish the ultimate 4WD adventure and, of course, getting the best off-road parts and accessories to make the adventure successful.

    It’s one thing to have the parts and equipment on your off-road vehicle that will make it seem like you know what you’re doing, but it’s another to have the best off-road tires, wheels, and lift upgrades installed on your vehicle but you can’t talk the talk, or walk the walk. That’s what we’re here for. Continue reading to learn the basics from terminology to the essentials, and helpful tips that you will need to know about off-roading.

    4X4 And 4WD Doesn’t Mean The Same Thing

    Four by four translates to a vehicle with four wheels, powered by all four wheels. Many people assume 4X4 and 4WD have the same meaning because it seems straightforward enough, you might be surprised to learn they do not always directly translate. However, don’t feel ashamed if you were led to believe they had the same meaning because they are commonly used to indicate the same thing. What’s the difference? To get technical and to keep it brief, here is an example: a three-axle truck with six wheels can be considered a 4WD because both rear axles are powered. Plus, there are so many 4WD systems out there that mean different things established by engineers and manufacturers. Two common ones you’ll see most often are:

    4X4 High: All-purpose four-wheel drive mode is being used while the gear ratio is in “high”.

    4X4 Low: The vehicle is in four-wheel drive mode with a low gear ratio engaged. This delivers higher torque to the wheels while lowering the maximum speed. This setting is useful in slower off-roading, rock crawling, getting unstuck—you know, the fun stuff.

    Must-Know Off-Road Vocabulary

    Approach Angle: The maximum angle that a vehicle can climb (or descend) without the body or suspension making contact with the terrain.

    Locking Differential: If you want to fit in with the experts, refer to the locking differential as “diff lock.” This term refers to the the speed the wheels turn. Most standard 4X4 modes allow the wheels to spin at different speeds to compensate for uneven terrain. When the differential is locked the wheels move at the same speed. A common and incredibly useful tool off-roaders use to get unstuck.

    Rock Massage: The result of failing to take necessary precautions when attempting to rock crawl without being properly qualified.

    Wheel Travel: The maximum distance that a wheel can move up and down while in motion. The greater the travel, the better the suspension system can perform enhancing off-road traction.

    Wheelbase: A vital term every off-road driver needs to know. The wheelbase is the distance from the center of a truck’s front wheel to the center of the rear wheel on the same side.

    Off-Road Essentials

    Now that you know a little bit of the lingo, you’ll want to know what essentials to bring with you on your adventures. Here are a few to get you started:

    • Full tank of gas
    • Tow rope strong enough to tow the weight of your vehicle
    • Spare tire and the proper tools to change a tire
    • Portable air compressor
    • GPS and hard copy of a map in case you don’t have cell service
    • First aid kit
    • Spare water tanks
    • Shovel
    • High-lift jack
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Two-way radios to communicate with other vehicles

    Heading up the trails for some backcountry off-roading is a blast—but it’s also dangerous. Every off-road expert had to start somewhere, make a few mistakes, damage a few accessories here and there but none of that stopped them from getting their fix of adrenaline and you shouldn’t either. Be responsible, be alert, and most of all, be safe.

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