The Benefits of Upgrading Your Rims & Tires

    The Benefits of Upgrading Your Rims & Tires - The Benefits of Upgrading Your Rims Tires featured image 5e8780642762b

    Whether you are looking for improved performance or are thinking purely aesthetically, it’s important to have a good understanding of why upgrading your rims and tires is worthwhile. Whatever your eventual goals, Off-Road Rim Financing, LLC is here to help you succeed. We offer rim and tire payment plans designed to make the process of getting the tires and rims you are looking for simple and affordable. Whatever your credit score, we offer financing options built around your needs. Upgrading your truck is a worthwhile investment that doesn’t need to wait. Instead of paying in cash, pay over time and start reaping the benefits of your rims and tires ASAP. To apply for financing, fill out this form to receive a free quote from one of our fitment specialists.

    What To Know Before You Buy

    If you want to improve your truck’s off-road capabilities, one of the best ways is to upgrade your rim and tire set. The right tires will allow you to have greater four-wheeling success and the ability to succeed in even the worst conditions. However, it’s not recommended to install off-road tires when your vehicle spends most of its time driving on city streets. To begin, let’s look at the types of tire decisions you have available to you and why they might be right for you:

    #1: Tire Size

    Bigger tire size is widely sought-after, but you can definitely go too big. Compromises and accommodations will at some point need to be made. Bigger tires may require the use of a lift kit, wheel and brake upgrades, and other types of advanced gearing. The fundamental decision that will lead to all the other wheel and rim upgrades you make is the tire size, so take into consideration practicality and your desired aesthetic. More plus-sized tires can lead to greater expense. However, Off-Road Rim Financing can help you there — we offer financing that allows you to get the tires of your choosing, without having to compromise on quality. Get your free, quick quote today!

    #2: Aspect Ratio

    The aspect ratio of a tire is the distance from the wheel to the ground in relation to the tire’s width. The most extreme off-road tires usually have a very high aspect ratio, while street tires have a lower one. A higher ratio means that the surface area that is touching the ground at any one moment is greater, which allows for improved traction and flexibility. For a street-tire, you definitely don’t want higher flexibility, as it reduces fuel economy. When you increase the wheel size but maintain the same diameter, you are reducing the tire’s aspect ratio. The lower the aspect ratio, the more grounded the vehicle will feel, but the less flexibility it will have for off-roading. So consider the main functionality you are looking for and find a balance between off-roading performance and fuel economy by calculating what aspect ratio is most suitable for your vehicle.

    #3: Tread Depth

    The bigger the tread block, the better your off-road tires will do on things like rock and mud. In mud, deep tread blocks help push out mud and improve performance in that way. Enhanced treads also help by allowing your vehicle to conform to different rock surfaces while maintaining a solid grip. Bigger tread blocks are not ideal for driving on regular stress, however, as it negatively impacts braking and cornering performance. You can find the tread depth information of specific tires on the manufacturer’s product description sheet. Just like with tire size and aspect ratio, you want to find a balance between good off-road capabilities and street-wise practicality. If your vehicle is exclusively for off-roading, go big — otherwise, consider a more balanced approach.

    #4: Tread Design

    There are many options to choose from when it comes to tread design and their different off-roading capabilities. The basic spectrum here is that the better your tread will do in the mud, the worse it will do on the road. So choose wisely and understand the tradeoffs with the decisions you are making.

    There are many other factors to consider — for example, 1) which lift kit is compatible with your vehicle and 2) understanding how the fitting size of tires can be slightly different from what they are advertised and how to plan for that. However, it’s time now for us to look into some of the benefits of upgrading your truck’s rim and tire set:

    Why Upgrade Your Rim and Tire Set

    Better Road Handling

    By increasing the aspect ratio of your wheels, you are increasing the ability for your vehicle to handle difficult terrain.

    It’s Cool

    Plus-sizing your truck’s wheels simply looks cool! This is a big part of why plus-sizing is so popular — a larger wheel diameter can transform your truck into something much more unique and interesting.

    Upgrade Your Rim and Tire Set Today!

    The benefits of upgrading your rim and tire set really speak for themselves. What’s more, there are countless amazing rim and tire set brands out there to choose from, all with their unique benefits. After considering the features discussed in this post, you will have a good idea of what type of off-road tires would be best suited for your particular needs. When you do settle on a specific tire brand, make sure you have the financing to pay for it set up so you can enjoy your tires without having to worry about breaking the bank. Spread payments out over a longer period of time and make your life easier. Whatever brand you decide to go with in the end, Off-Road Rim Financing is here to help you get the best rims and tires for your vehicle. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote for financing your new rim and tire set, contact us today and we’ll get with you as soon as we can.

    When it comes to rim and tire payment plans, Off-Road Rim Financing offers amazing rates and highly-customized payment plans. No matter if you have good credit or bad, we will be able to create for you a personalized payment plan that works with your specific needs. Start enjoying the off-roading upgrades your truck deserves — get the rim and tire package you need by calling Off-Road Rim Financing and asking about our affordable payment plans. Fill out your application and get a free quote from one of our dedicated fitment specialists today.

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