The Best Destinations For Off-Roading

    Off-road driving, climbing boulders, and overcoming steep inclines is a rush that many Jeep® and 4WD vehicle owners do to get a taste of adrenaline. If you think that sounds crazy, this article may not be suited for you. If you’re an off-road enthusiast who spends most of your free time researching rims online, performance tires, wheels, truck suspension upgrades, and other off-road equipment, you’ve come to the right place.

    Off-Road Rim and Tire Packages

    Off-Road Rim Financing is a one-stop-shop for truck lift kits, performance parts, and the best names in off-road wheels and tires. We offer great lease-to-own options and other convenient solutions so you can customize your truck and off-road vehicle with the best truck suspension upgrades as well as performance tire and wheels. Off-Road Rim Financing can help you get the parts and accessories you need to withstand any off-road course you take on.

    As you acquire new truck parts and accessories to customize your version of the best off-road vehicle, you’re probably going to want to test it out on a few courses—or else what’s the point? Off-Road Rim Financing is just as passionate about mudding and off-road driving as any other enthusiast out there. For this reason, we want you to experience the new performance features you’ve added to your 4WD vehicle and put it to the test on the best off-road courses in the country.

    The Best Off-Road Destinations in America

    We’ve put together just a few of our favorite off-road destinations for you to add to your list for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Before you head out, be sure you have the best off-road performance parts and order through Off-Road Rim Financing now!

    Moab, Utah

    There is no list of top extreme sport destinations that would be complete without mentioning Moab. Located in southeastern Utah, Moab has been an iconic attraction known for its rugged terrain that attracts off-roaders, mountain bikers, hikers, campers, rock climbers, and rafters. There are guided tours available and plenty of of space for 4WD vehicles, trucks, and ATVs to put their performance parts to the ultimate test.

    The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park

    Do muddy obstacles and treacherous, and challenging dirt terrain get your blood moving? If so, The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park in Marseilles, Ill., is an off-roaders dream come true. The name of the course is nothing short of the truth and accurately depicts what riders can expect when visiting this epic off-road park. Sign up for a guided tour or if you’re feeling confident, explore the park and test you and your vehicle’s limit!


    Azusa Canyon Off-Road Park

    Home to the largest mud pit in Southern California, San Gabriel Canyon, or better known as Azusa Canyon is an off-road oasis to local off-road enthusiasts. The canyon is a part of the Gabriel Dam which is a controlled dam for water shed off the San Gabriel Mountains. In other words, there is always mud, and it’s always a blast. The Azusa Canyon is a mud boggin’ mecca for mud trucks with massive tires, low-gears, and big horsepower. If you’re looking for rock crawling, you won’t find much of that here, nonetheless it’s a ton of fun and should be a top destination on your off-roading bucket list.

    Alpine Loop

    Located in the San Juan Mountains in the southwest corner of Colorado is one of the most scenic regions for off-roading. The Alpine Loop is the perfect balance of scenic trails and historic mining sites that appeal to off-road vehicles, ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes. Certainly not the most difficult course in the region, the Alpine Loop packs in the terrain and the views to make this an unforgettable trip to explore over the course of a few days.

    Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

    Southerners living in Georgia have an advantage when it comes to off-road driving. The Chattahoochee-Oconee is by far one of the most breathtaking and challenging destinations to climb rocks, blast through mud holes, and scramble through dirt until the heart’s content. Beginners will find this location a bit daunting, while intermediate and advanced drivers will bask in the miles of backcountry trails dedicated exclusively to off-road vehicles.

    Now that you have a few ideas generated for where you’re going to head to for off-road destinations, you just need to complete your wheel and performance packages. Off-Road Rim Financing makes the process easy and affordable. Visit our site to browse our selection of off-road rims and tires and performance accessories and apply for our convenient financing. No matter what your credit situation looks like, Off-Road Rim Financing has the best rates and convenient lease-to-own options so you can hit the backcountry trails with the best tires, lift kits, and other off-road necessities.

    If you have questions about our financing options, don’t hesitate to contact us. Off-Road Rim Financing will help you find the best products and the right lease-to-own option for you!

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