The Best Rim & Tire Set Brands for Your Truck

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    One of the most popular trends in off-road trucking is the installation of bigger tires and lift kits. However, the focus shouldn’t just be on size, but also on brand quality. Various lift kit brands are around that produce some fantastic tires and wheels. Read about what brands Off-Road Rim Financing recommends here.

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    • Unbeatable products — You can’t always buy the products you want with cash up front. When it’s time to invest in a quality rim and tire set, don’t settle for less — pay more and choose a product that will last longer and be more effective for your particular off-road truck. If you’re going to invest in something, make sure you get the best products available right now on an affordable lease-to-own option so you don’t have to upgrade again in the near future or when your second-rate product quickly wears out.

    That last point begs the question — “Okay, great, but what actually is the best rim and tire set for me?” In the rest of this post, we will be answering that question for you. To start, we will be looking at the general features that make for a high-quality wheel:


    The Best Rim & Tire Set Brands for Your Truck - Find The Best Rim Tire Set Brands For Your Truck 6070b2b3d3a93

    Features that Make a High-Quality Wheel

    #1: Finish

    More than just a functional part of your truck, the finish is also a way to make a statement. If you want to make your vehicle look like new, an easy way to do that is to get some nicely finished rims. The most popular finishes around are chrome and matte black.

    #2: Load Rating
    Style points aside, this is the true differentiator between different rim and tire sets. Get the maximum load capacity for your needs and be prepared for whatever off-roading situation might emerge. Generally, steel rims have a higher load rating than aluminum ones, with forged ones having the highest rating overall. The load rating can also be affected by other attributes like the number and size of lug nuts.

    #3: Width

    A simple metric, but one of great importance for deciding which is the right rim and tire set for you. If you want to keep your new wheels the same size as your old ones, you need to make sure you are getting the right sized rims. Manufacturers will provide this information, so use it to determine what width is best suited to your vehicle.

    #4: Diameter

    Diameter is different from width in that it is how large your wheels are long- instead of wide-wise.

    #5: Bolt Pattern

    Pay attention to the bolt patterns of different brands of off-road tires, as they are designed to accommodate different sizes and patterns. If you’re not sure what bolt pattern you need, reach out to Off-Road Rim Financing and we can help you determine what you need.

    The Best Rim & Tire Set Brands for Off-Roading

    What follows are some of the most reliable brands around for optimizing your truck and making it maximally off-road-ready:

    #1: Vossen

    Vossen wheels are a great option if you want to have a light, super-strong setup and wheels shaped in such a way that they create a high-performance flow. Vossen has a wide variety of wheel widths suited for every make and model of truck, allowing you to get exactly the type of wheels your truck needs, no compromise needed.

    #2: Konig

    If you’re looking for some of the most technologically advanced tires out there today, Konig tires might be right for you. With their flow-forming technology and shock-resistant features, a rim and tire set from Konig will give you the performance and reliability that many competing brands simply don’t have. In particular, Konig has better elongation than competing brands, giving your truck an increased load capacity.

    #3: TXW Offroad

    TWX Offroad tires, like the T-003, come in Black Machined and are sure to make your truck or jeep stand out. The design of a TXW Offroad rim and tire set will perfectly compliment any build. It is a single piece of alloy that provides your vehicle with enhanced performance and a great look. Transform your ride into something truly special with TXW Offroad wheels.

    #4: Forgiato

    Forgiato offers a wide selection of custom wheels made to order and available in various sizes and finishes. They use only the latest and most proven-reliable equipment around to offer tire and wheel sets for everyone’s needs.

    #5: OE Performance

    OE Performance offers a wide selection of incredible looking, top-of-the-line wheels for Jeeps, SUVs, trucks, and other types of off-road vehicles. OE Performance wheels are extremely durable and extremely strong. With many different style and finish options to choose from — from mirror-like chrome to matte black — there is sure to be an OE Performance brand wheel that suits your utilitarian and aesthetic goals. Coming in a wide variety of sizes, choose OE Performance wheels to make your vehicle look more eye-catching and effective for off-roading.

    #6: Helo

    Though Helo rims can be expensive, they also happen to be some of the best off-roading wheels for trucks around, due to their versatility and great performance. One of the most popular models from Helo is the HE878, which comes in six different color finishes and can be found with diameters between 16 and 20 inches. They also come with a lifetime warranty and are rated to support up to 2,400 pounds. If you want to get a new Helo rim and tire set for your off-road truck, reach out to Off-Road Rim Financing today for your free financing quote!

    #7: Pro Comp

    One of the most widely recognizable brands of truck wheels out there, Pro Comp produces some of the best wheels around for off roading. Pro Comp Steel Wheels Series 51, for example, are an affordable, high-quality rim option that comes in many different sizes and finishes. They also have a number of different lug patterns and width sizes available. However, unlike the Helo HE878, these are only rated for 1,600 pounds, and come in only a steel color with no other options.

    #8: American Racing

    If you want to go full-custom with your rim and tire set, consider choosing American Racing Custom Wheels. This is one of the oldest, most reliable custom-wheel brands in America and offers some extremely well-made rims designed for off roading. You can get wheels rated up to 3,600 pounds, making these one of the sturdiest wheels in our list. What is more, American Racing Custom Wheels come with a lifetime warranty and are available in both black and chrome. If you would like to get this wheel brand, reach out to Off-Road Rim Financing for the financing options today.

    #9: Wheel Pros

    Based in Denver, Colorado, Wheel Pros is a widely popular and high-quality wheel company that has a wide variety of effective, reliable off-road rims and tires. Wheel Pros currently owns the following brands — American Racing (founded in 1956), Moto Metal (founded in 2002), and KMC (founded in 1995).

    #10: TIS Wheels

    If you want to impart on your truck a rugged toughness and added agility, TIS Wheels are a great option. These are some of the most stylish off-road truck tires on this list. Coming in a wide variety of styles and colors, if you are looking for “cool” above all else, these are for you.

    Find The Best Rim & Tire Set Brands for Your Truck

    There are many great rim and tire set brands out there to choose from, along with a number of different metrics to take into consideration. Whatever you decide to go with in the end, Off-Road Rim Financing is here to help you get the best tires for your vehicle. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote for financing your new rim and tire set, reach out to us today and we’ll get with you ASAP.

    When it comes to lease-to-own rim and tire plans, Off-Road Rim Financing offers some of the best rates and lease-to-own options around. No matter your credit situation, we are able to design you a personalized lease-to-own that works for you. Don’t miss out on those upgrades your truck needs for improved off-roading capabilities; get the rim and tire package with an affordable lease-to-own option with Off-Road Rim Financing today! Fill out your application and get a free quote from one of our dedicated fitment specialists today.

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