The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A Lift Kit for His Truck

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    Have you ever noticed that as your parents age, it’s harder to buy them presents? With Father’s Day right around the corner, you may be asking yourself, “What does Dad need?” Going out to dinner is nice, but it doesn’t last. And he probably doesn’t need another tie, more golf balls, or another mug that reads “Best Dad Ever.” But if your Dad drives a truck, he might need a lift kit. Off-Road Rim Financing, a lift kit company, offers truck leveling lift kits from the best brands in the industry. And the best part is we offer lease-to-own financing on lift kits as well. Below, we’ll go over the advantages of a lift kit and why it would make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Visit us online today!


    • It looks cool. Let’s just admit it, a lifted truck looks cool, especially with a cool rim and monster tires. Driving your own monster truck can give you a warm feeling inside and make a long-held dream come true.
    • Sits higher. If you drive a car or have ever driven a car, you know it can be hard to see when you’re low to the ground. When you drive a lifted truck, odds are there won’t be any obstruction to your view. A lift kit makes for safer driving and decreases the odds you’ll get in a car accident by pulling in front of someone.
    • Makes towing easier. If you have any kind of toy, such as a boat, a trailer, or a camper, you know your life is much easier when you have the appropriate vehicle to tow it. With a lift kit for your truck, your truck will be more level with what you are towing, eliminating the squat in your truck as you tow.
    • Saves gas when towing. Not only will you experience a much smoother ride with Off-Road Financing’s truck lift kits and tire package, but you’ll also get better gas mileage, especially when hauling heavy cargo.
    • Offers more tire sizes. Without a lift kit and with stock suspension, you are very limited in tire choices. When you add a truck lift kit, you just multiplied your tire choices exponentially.
    • Makes driving in inclement weather much safer. When you invest in quality tires that are larger than stock, such as off-road tires that Off-Road Financing offers, you’ll be less likely to get stuck in the mud or snow or to hydroplane in torrential rain. With the larger tire option that a lift kit for your truck affords, you’ll notice much better control all around while driving.
    • Makes off-roading easier. When you off-road, it’s virtually impossible to go without some sort of lift kit; otherwise, you’d constantly be getting stuck on rocks, and you’d do some serious damage to the underside of your truck or jeep. When you invest in an off-road tire lift kit by Off-Road Financing, you’ll be able to go more places easier and have a great time doing so.
    • Makes a great truck for your 15-year-old to do his or her driving with. If you’re a parent who has ever had a teenager go through driver’s education and then drive with you, you know how nerve-racking this experience can be (and you may even have left fingernail marks on the passenger side seat or glove compartment). When you allow your teenager to drive your truck with an installed lift kit, your stress-level just went down. Your teenager can now see everything he or she needs to see, can now stop easier and control the vehicle easier, and if by chance you get in a fender bender or an accident, you’ll all emerge safe and sound.

    Since we’ve convinced you to buy an off-road lift kit from Off-Road Financing, you might as well get some great off-road wheels and tire rims to go with it. With our no-credit financing options, you’ll be able to trick out your dad’s truck and give him the best Father’s Day present ever. We offer all of your favorite off-road tire and rim brands with lease-to-own options, and when you finance your lift kit and tire package, you’ll receive an answer the same day. From Rancho Suspensions to Rough Country, your favorite lift kit brands will make your dad’s truck amazing. Don’t wait. Visit us online, and apply for your lift kit and tire package today!

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