When Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?

    when is it time to replace tires

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    How can you tell when it’s time to replace your tires? If you often find yourself asking this question, you’ll get the answer here.  

    The standard rule of thumb is to replace your tires at least every six years, but this depends on several factors, like your driving style, tire age, and tread wear. Keep reading to answer the question, “When is it time to replace tires?”

    Common Factors That Determine When You Should Replace Your Tires

    By looking at these features, you can easily tell whether you should budget for new, safer tires:

    Tread Depth

    The grooves on your tires are the tread, and they help the tires grip the road. New tires often have a tread depth of about 10/32nd of an inch. Your tire’s tread wears down over time. 

    Consequently, you’ll have a hard time steering the vehicle. Traction will also reduce significantly, increasing braking time. 

    According to The U.S. Department of Transportation, when your tire’s tread is at or below 2/32nd of an inch, you should consider replacing it. You can purchase a tread depth gauge from your local auto shop to determine the depth of your tread. 

    Tire Age

    The tire age limit is usually six years from its manufacturing date. You can determine your tire’s date code by looking at its sidewall. All U.S. tire manufacturers must stamp the date on the tires, per the DOT tire age laws. 

    You can easily tell the ‘birthday’ of your tire by looking for the DOT marking. The last four digits represent the tire’s manufacturing date. If your tire has DOT CPEX 3ET 0318, for example, it means its manufacturing date is January (third week) of 2018. 

    It’s worth noting that tires usually rot faster when they sit in one position for prolonged periods. Regular tire rotation can help extend your tires’ lifespan if you don’t drive your vehicle for extended periods. 

    Three Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Tires

    An easier way to answer the question, “When is it time to replace tires?” is by looking out for these signs:

    • You’re losing traction: Does your vehicle slip or slide during wet weather? This indicates low tire grip, hampering the effective channeling of water. If you experience this often, consider checking the condition of your tires and be ready to get new ones! 
    • You’ve moved to a new climate: Some tires work best in specific conditions. If you’ve moved to a new climate, be sure you have appropriate tires. 
    • Your tires lose pressure quite fast: Check your tire for any damage to the sidewall, which could be causing continuous pressure loss. 

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