Top Five Winter Driving Tips

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    Driving in the winter presents special challenges. From blinding snow to wet, slick roads that turn icy overnight, driving in the winter takes special care. Off Road Rim Financing specializes in offering the best off road rims, tires, and wheels as well as rim and tire packages. We offer many financing options on our off road tires, wheels, and rims. Below we list our tips to keep in mind when driving in winter conditions.


    • Slow down. This is the number one tip that will keep you safe while driving during the winter. Slower speeds mean less time for you to stop and more time for you to react to driving conditions. Leave earlier for your morning commute, so you won’t be in a rush.
    • Use 4-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive uses all four wheels to gain better traction when you stop. This can help you get going in snow and ice as well as help in turning. Engage your vehicle in 4-wheel drive before you start slipping.
    • Don’t use cruise control or overdrive. When the road is slippery, cruise control or overdrive automatically shifts your transmission, which can result in a loss of traction with your tires and the road. This is especially true when going uphill.
    • Don’t stop if you can avoid it. Keep rolling the vehicle at a slow speed if possible instead of coming to a complete stop, so that you can keep moving.
    • Consider snow tires. Maintaining control is key in winter driving conditions and having your tires firmly connected to the ground is a must. Winter tires typically have a deeper tread with more biting edges that cut into the snow for enhanced grip to help you stop faster, accelerate quicker, and make more-controlled turns. Ask us about snow or winter tires today!

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