Top Reasons to Take Yourself and Your Kids Off-Roading

    Top Reasons to Take Yourself and Your Kids Off-Roading - Top Reasons to Take Yourself and Your Kids Off Roading 5c865b3582fc8

    Here at Off-Road Rim Financing, it’s not about how many off-road tires we sell or which lift kits for trucks are better than others. We’re passionate about the sport of off-roading and helping to bring off-roading to you at the best possible price. We offer off-road wheels and tire packages to suit every need and every vehicle. We offer lease-to-own lift kits for trucks and off-road rims. We offer off-road accessories such as bumpers, chips, and exhausts. We cater to your needs, so you can have the best possible off-roading trip imaginable. Off-roading is a sport that is hard to describe to the uninitiated, but today we’re going to list reasons you need to off-road.


    • Experience nature as few others do. In the words of Robert Frost “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by.” Many people spend their entire lives in the city, never getting to delight in a glimpse of a bear in the wild, a deer grazing placidly in a meadow, or even seeing the stars with no city lights drowning them out. Off-roading will take you places few others get to go. You’ll get to go up trails our ancestors blazed, visit the tops of vistas and the bottom of canyons where wildflowers bloom and cacti thrive, and smell the pine scent and crisp air that some people today pay money for. And if you’re lucky, you may find a bit of yourself in the solace, and you’ll definitely place a piece of your off-road adventure in your heart forever.
    • It’s challenging. When you visit renowned off-roading places such as Moab, UT, or the Azusa Canyon in Azusa, CA, you’ll be challenged. Driving is a completely different experience when you’re in an ATV or a Jeep rather than a passenger car or even a truck. You’ll have to navigate giant boulders, stream crossings, canyons, mountainsides, up cliffs and down cliffs — all while keeping your cool. You’ll have to think quick and make split second decisions on where to place your tires so you don’t get stuck. You’ll have to push your vehicle and your driving skills to their limits. It’s more mentally challenging than physical (which is a good bit of both). You may take a wrong turn. You’ll definitely meet some very cool people. And your comfort zone will be expanded, which is something you’ll need in this harried world we live in.
    • You can geek on out all things off-road related. If you’re the type of person who likes to know everything about your chosen sport or activity, off-roading is a sport where the sky is the limit. Between determining the best off-road rims for you off-road tires, to choosing the best lift kit for your truck, to knowing the name of wheel brands like you do the characters of Harry Potter, you’ll never be bored with off-roading.

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    • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. If you live anywhere in the developed world, you lead a pampered life. With running water, indoor plumbing, washing machines, dishwashers, automobiles, grocery stores, and CostCo, you have everything you need to lead a pretty amazing life with relatively little work involved in procuring these luxuries. You can call whomever you want when you want. You can order anything you can think of. You can eat anything. And you probably don’t know what it’s like to go days without food (unless you are fasting for some reason). Being in nature restores a bit of gratitude and appreciation that you often take for granted. You can’t eat anything you want. You may be exposed to mosquitos. You may be cold. You may have forgotten your toothbrush. You may get snowed on, forcing you to sit in your tiny camper and huddle for warmth. You may get rained on while you’re on the trail, being miles from your campsite, forcing you to endure cold and wetness. You may get sunburnt because you forgot sunscreen. You may accidentally kill a lizard you caught and feel really bad. When you return to your campsite from off-roading, the tent never looked so good. Gratitude will naturally grow in your heart.
    • Reconnect with loved ones. In this world of connectedness, we are less connected than ever before — the sad truth is most of us don’t even realize it, especially our kids. Kids grow up with technology. They can use PowerPoint better than you can, can type a text message in record time, and understand Google drive better than you do. Yet, many kids today know nothing of how a car operates, how to change a flat tire (or even air up a flat tire), and how to start a fire. When you’re behind the wheel of an ATV or a Jeep, it’s just you and the road and those around you. The world disappears. Text messages do too. And suddenly the sunset in front of you pops like it’s never done before. Discover who your kids are again and have their undivided attention like you did when they were little. Be their hero instead of a hero in a video game.
    • Your time is limited. As you get older, you’ve probably realized that time speeds up — or so it seems to. Your most valuable commodity whether you realize it or not is your time. None of us know when our last day will be on this planet. And no one ever died, wishing they could work one more day at their day-job. Off-roading a grand adventure that needs to be experienced in your life at least once — even if you’ve never off-roaded before. You’ll need to trust your off-road wheels to take you to where you need to go. You’ll need to trust your off-road rims to hold up under rocks and dust. You’ll need to trust your off-road tires to grip the giant boulder in front of you, so you don’t tip over. You your paid time off (and even your unpaid time off) to live life a little. Forgo the pile of laundry and the list of “to-dos”) you have. Give up a day of binge watching your favorite TV show to take your kids to the woods and let them experience nature up close and personal. We promise you won’t regret one second of that time spent.

    Off-Road Rim Financing supports off-roading and off-roading organizations that fight to keep trails open when cities encroach. It’s so important to be connected to Mother Earth instead of connected to your phone or your internet provider — and to teach your kids the same. Off-roading is an easy way to experience nature with your family that will imbibe you with a sense of wonder few other experiences can. Visit Off-Road Rim Financing for all your off-road tires, off-road wheels, and off-road rim needs today!

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