What Type of Tires Does My Car Need?

    what type of tires does my car need

    The short answer is that you need to consider the tire itself rather than the wheel. When we’re referring to steel, chromes, and mags, we’re talking about the hub and rims rather than the tire itself. 

    To replace these is costly, and your choices depend on your car. If you’re asking, “What type of tires does my car need?” you’re better off looking at where the rubber meets the road. In this post, Off-Road Rim Financing, your experts in wheels and tires financing, explain more about this topic. 

    Things To Consider

    You’ll need to answer the following questions to find the right tires for your vehicle:

    • What are my needs in terms of car safety and mileage?
    • What type of tires fit my car? 
    • How much can I spend? 

    This gives you a starting point against which you can compare all the brands out there. If you’re unsure, stick to the type the manufacturer recommends. You’ll also need to think about the following:

    • Tire Size: Your first consideration is whether your chosen model will fit your car. You’ll need to read the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle and check the aspect ratio they recommend. This’ll narrow down your choices. 
    • Speed Rating: Do you regularly travel on motorways? If so, you need tires that handle well and have a lower rolling resistance. 
    • Tread-Wear Info: No matter what type of tire you buy, it’s worth it to look at this rating. This tells you how long the tire should last. The higher this number, the better the durability. Compare this to the tread-life guarantee for a more accurate picture. 

    Buying Tires by Season

    Most vehicles today have all-season models. These work well in most weather conditions but may not be ideal in snowy weather. When answering, “What type of tires does my car need?” think about the climate where you live and in other areas you visit. 

    It may be worthwhile to invest in a set of snow tires for extra grip during an icy winter. Alternatively, you can spend a little more on “all-weather” tires. These are similar to purpose-built models when it comes to handling snow. 

    • Summer Tires: These handle well in moderate to warm weather but then struggle in the snow. Most of these won’t operate properly in conditions below 40°F. 
    • Winter Tires: These are best if you live in the northern states and need maximum traction in winter. They’re less useful in summer months, so be prepared to keep a set of warm-weather tires handy. 

    Finance Your Tires Today!

    Is the price of a new set a little daunting? We understand that giving your car new “shoes” is a costly exercise, especially when you want to keep your family safe. Don’t tempt fate with worn-out tires; let Off-Road Rim Financing help you today. 

    Call us at (888) 871-2346 to discuss your needs and find the right tire brand for all seasons. If you’re still unsure how to answer, “What type of tires does my car need?” speak to our team of professionals. 

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