What Does Run Flat Mean for Tires?

    what does run flat mean for tires

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    Have you ever had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere? If so, you know how scary this can be. Run flat tires can save the day in such situations. But what does run flat mean for tires?

    As leading providers of wheels and tires financing services, we know what run flats are all about and we’re happy to share the knowledge with you in this blog post.

    What Is a Run Flat Tire?

    A run-flat tire allows you to continue driving after a puncture. This gives you time to find a safe place to change your tire or get to the nearest auto shop. 

    Manufacturers often define the speed and distance you can drive on your run-flat tires. For example, you can continue using Bridgestone run-flat tires for up to 50 miles at not more than 50mph even after losing all inflation pressure.

    How Does a Run Flat Tire Work? 

    When you ask, “What does run flat mean for tires?” you probably also want to know how these tires work. First, you need to know the two main types of run-flat tires:

    • Self-supporting system 
    • Support ring system

    Self-supporting run-flat tires usually feature reinforced wall construction that continues to support the vehicle after the loss of inflation. The construction allows you to continue driving even after the tire loses air up to the manufacturer’s specified speed and distance. 

    As the name suggests, a support ring run-flat tire features a ring of hard rubber or another robust structure that can support the weight of the vehicle in the event of air pressure loss. 

    Since run-flats continue working without adequate air pressure, it’s best to use them on vehicles with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system will alert you as soon as one of your wheels loses inflation.

    You certainly don’t want to deal with the consequences of driving on an underinflated tire at excessive speeds and prolonged distances. This tire buying guide explains more about TPMS. 

    What Are the Advantages of Run Flat Tires?

    Are run-flat tires worth the hype and cost? Yes, if you consider these benefits and more:

    Mobility After a Puncture

    When something punctures your tire, you can continue driving. You don’t have to risk your life by stopping in a lonely stretch along the road. 

    Space Efficiency

    What’s the need for a spare tire? After all, you don’t have to change your run-flat immediately. This can help you save space and reduce vehicle weight. 


    A sudden loss of air pressure can be disastrous. It adversely impacts your ability to control the vehicle, particularly at high speeds. Run-flats allow you to continue driving safely even after air pressure loss. 

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