What to Pack for the Kids When Off-Roading Part 2

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    Summer is the time of exploration and adventure, as kids have time on their hands to burn and adults have the desire to spread their wings. A popular pastime is off-roading. Like the name implies, you invest in a four-wheel drive vehicle and hit the trails where you are jostled around like a can of worms to explore this great country of ours. Off-roading is a great family activity that is sure to form many memories of good times by all.

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    In our last blog post, we discussed some items to pack for the kids when off-roading. In today’s blog post, we’ll offer up more tips on what to pack for your kids as you head off into the great unknown. Contact us today to learn more!


    • Safety glasses and/or sunglasses. It’s important for kids (and adults) to protect their eyes while off-roading. A lot, if not most, off-road vehicles, including Jeeps and ATV’s, don’t have a windshield. When you’re off-roading, rocks, dirt, and dust often fly your way, so it’s important to protect your eyes. After all, no one wants to visit the emergency room and ruin their trip because of this.
    • Extra clothes. When you’re off-roading, you’ll often encounter stream crossings, which for kids are some of the best things about off-roading. If it’s blistering hot out, you may decide to test your off-road wheels and go really fast through the water, which can result in everyone getting wet. While this may be fine for you, your kids may not appreciate it as much. Be sure to pack extra clothes to change into in the event of an exuberant stream crossing. This can also be said for trips later in the year when the temperatures begin to cool down. You’ll want extra clothes in case a spring storm rolls in or a fall day turns chilly.
      Insect repellant. No one likes to get eaten alive, especially by microscopic bugs that then cause you to itch. Be sure to pack insect repellant for when you do head to lower ground with a lot of water.
    • Radios and/or cell phones. It seems almost intuitive to pack communication devices, but you’d be surprised how many times this is forgotten. Not only are these important for emergencies, but they are important to have if you have more than one vehicle. CB radios are nice to have around, especially if you are travelling in a caravan, because they are quicker and easier to use than your cell phone. Plus, CB radios are fun to use for the kids. They can talk to each other or their friends in the other Jeep or ATV and entertain themselves for hours.
    • Compass. Many kids today don’t really know what a compass is and have probably never seen one or used one. However, compasses are essential survival items to have, and it’s important to teach your kids how to use one in case your other communications devices fail or become broken. You can hand your child a compass and have him or her tell you which direction you are headed. It’s a great way to teach your kids about direction as well.

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    • Survival kit. While a survival kit benefits all parties involved, it’s a great item to have along for your kids while off-roading. Survival kits contain all the essentials you will need in an emergency situation, such as when your vehicle stalls or is wrecked and you’re far from civilization. Survival kits usually include a knife and/or a multi-tool that has a screwdriver and other items of value, a mirror for signaling help, first aid supplies, such as bandaids, gauze, and antibacterial ointments, and a flashlight. You may also find in survival kits matches, tools to start a fire in case your matches become wet, a bandana, fish hooks, a sewing kit, and water purification tablets. Besides the fact these items are all useful to have along in case of an emergency, these items can teach your kids much about surviving in the wilderness. It also gives you a teaching opportunity to explain how to be safe in the outdoors and how to use all of these survival items.
    • Books and/or games. Let’s face it, when you’re not driving the off-road vehicle yourself, off-roading can become monotonous and boring due to the slow pace you are usually going. Sure, you can look around at the scenery, but it’s more than likely that your kids will become bored on an all-day adventure. In order to alleviate the proverbial “I’m bored,” it’s best to bring along items that your child can entertain himself or herself with. These can include books and/or games. And while the whole point of going off-roading is to be in and enjoy nature, bringing along an iPad or other electronic device to alleviate boredom is not a bad idea — as long as it’s only being used for a set amount of time. However, being out in the mountains on trails, you may not be able to get signal so have more traditional games on hand, such as a deck of cards, for your child to play with in case your electronic device decides to take a vacation as well.


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