What is Wheel Offset?

    what is wheel offset

    Adding aftermarket wheels and tires is a great way to customize your car or truck and make it your own. When shopping for new parts, having a basic understanding of wheel offset can help you choose the right wheels and tires, ensuring your vehicle handles properly and complies with local laws. Here, we answer, “What is wheel offset?” and explain why it’s a critical element to consider when shopping. 

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    The Basics of Wheel Offset 

    Many shoppers ask us, “What is wheel offset?” It is how wheels mount inside the wheel well and the amount of space on either side. There are three types of offset. 

    Zero Offset

    This means that the hub mounting surface aligns with the wheel centerline. 

    Positive Offset

    Positive offset wheel mounting is the most common type of mounting, especially on front-wheel drive and some new rear-wheel drive vehicles. Positive wheel offset means that the mounting surface is on the outside, or street side, of the wheel, putting most of the wheel and the tire under the vehicle toward the brakes and suspension. 

    Too much positive offset can:

    • Affect the car’s handling
    • Make it unstable
    • Cause damage from the tires rubbing on the bodywork
    • Cause tire failure

    Negative Offset 

    Mounting wheels and tires with negative offset means the mounting surface is behind the centerline, or closer to the vehicle. This means more of the wheels and tires extend outward past the vehicle body. It’s a popular style for show cars and trucks. 

    Negative offset can affect the vehicle’s handling and put additional stress on the suspension. The style is also illegal in some municipalities since the tires can churn up water, road salt, and other debris onto other cars. 

    Buying the Right Wheels and Tires 

    Wheel offset can affect how you shop for wheels and tires. 

    As a general rule, when you purchase new parts, the new offset should not be more than five millimeters different than the previous offset to ensure safety and proper handling. If you’re investing in new wheels, and they are wider than the previous wheels, you need to factor in backspacing (the space between the back of the wheel and the mounting point) as well as offset. 

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