Which Lift Kit is Right for You?

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    You’re sitting at the stop light when a vehicle pulls up next to you. You glance over and all you see are huge tires. Most likely it’s a truck, and most likely it has a lift kit on it.

    There are many reasons to have a lift kit: more ground clearance for off-roading adventures, more room to accommodate larger wheels and tires which can increase performance, and when off-roading you can have a steeper approach, departure, and breakover angles. Lift kits also can make pulling trailer safer, easier, and more fuel-efficient and bigger tires get better traction in inclement weather conditions.

    So how do you choose a lift kit? Off Road Rim Financing offers a variety of lift kit options to meet your needs.


    Lift kits are broken down into two kinds:

    Body Lift Kits. The body lift kit raises the body on a stock suspension system, leaving the suspension untouched, by using blocks or spacers.
    Suspension Lift Kits. Suspension lift kit raises the body and frame by altering the height of the suspension components. This enables the larger tires to be installed and improves the handling of the truck.


    Ask yourself these questions before buying a lift kit, which will help you narrow down your options:

    What tire size you want on your truck
    How technical you want to get if you’re off-roading
    If this is also a road vehicle or strictly an off road truck or jeep
    Your budget. A good rule of thumb is the bigger the tire, the bigger the cost
    How much clearance is needed or desired in the wheel well to accommodate your desired tire size
    Are you okay with changing how your vehicle will handle, especially if this is not an exclusive off-road vehicle.


    Off Road Rim Financing offers the major brand lift kits to meet every need you may have. We offer Rough Country, Zone Off Road, Fabtech Motorsports, Ready Lift, Skyjacker, and Rancho Suspensions. Most of the lift kits will vary by specifications. Here are the most common differentials:

    Coil Springs
    Leaf Springs
    Lifted Knucks and Blocks
    Strut Extensions
    1 Piece Sub-Frames
    Coil Spacers and Blocks
    Torsion Keys & Blocks

    Off Road Rim Financing takes pride in being able to offer the best in off-road lift kits or truck lift kits by offering lift kit financing. We offer many different types of lift kit financing, including credit-based financing and other lease-to-own options. Our application process is easy. Simply fill out the online application and choose which option you prefer. If you’re unsure which option fits you, fill out the application and one of our finance professionals will be happy to review your options with you once we have all your information.

    Off Road Rim Financing is dedicated to helping you enjoy life. We believe off-roading is one of the best ways to spend your precious free time. Our mission is to help others enjoy this past time as much as we do. Contact us today for all of your lift kit financing needs now!

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