Why You Should Finance Your Next Set of Truck Wheels

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    Many people live in a constant cycle of mediocrity and unwelcome compromises. What’s even worse, some people experience this cycle as them being spendthrift — however, oftentimes people in this mindset are pennywise and pound foolish when it comes to the products they purchase. Too often, people settle for sub-quality parts and commodities due to the mistaken belief that they are saving money. Of course, in some cases, cutting corners can work. However, oftentimes it just leads to the need to purchase a service or product more frequently, building up smaller payments over time, and, in the meantime, having to deal with lower quality performance and quality. This is true for the food you eat just as it is for the vehicle you drive.

    Sure, you can go online and find some used wheels for under $200. However, do you really think that’s going to be the end of it? No — not only will sup-par wheels cost you by increasing your fuel costs due to reduced fuel efficiency, they also will need to be replaced sooner, look worse while you have them, and could easily cause a number of issues for your vehicle while they’re on your truck. That’s why — especially when it comes to your off-roading vehicle — don’t cut corners. Take the road head-on. 

    It’s like a music instrument: sure, you can get the broken old guitar to practice on, but for a better experience and value, you could invest in something a bit nicer and achieve far superior results. It’s the same with off-road wheels. 

    That being said, not all of us have the luxury of a fantastic credit score. However, you don’t have to worry about that with us. When you choose to finance your next set of off-road truck wheels with Off-Road Rim Financing, there’s no need for credit checks; we can provide you a no-credit need lease-to-own option that works within your budget.  

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    Partnering with us comes with some critical advantages:

    • Get the tires, rims, and wheels you actually want
    • Get them now, instead of months from now
    • Pay what you can afford
    • A simplified selection process — we find you the parts that suit your fitment, and you choose from those
    • Zero money down
    • Low monthly payments
    • Get an instant decision

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    What Makes an Excellent Off-Road Wheel?

    Don’t be fooled by fancy branding or badges when shopping for new off-roading wheels for your truck; they’re not the most reliable indicator of quality. What will actually make the difference is one key metric — TRACTION.

    By definition, going off-roading is to drive with limited traction. Whereas paved roads are designed to give your vehicle smooth and consistent traction, the natural world of course includes no such luxury. The basic factor in good off-roading wheels are therefore that they maximize your vehicle’s traction in the type of terrain(s) that you expect to be driving in — from sand and rocks to mud and wet grass. 

    Which tires you choose come down to the type of vehicle you have and what kind of customized systems (such as lift kits) it has installed. The metric that is at play here is CLEARANCE. Don’t be tricked by the idea that maximum clearance is most effective — otherwise we’d all be driving around in monster trucks and tearing up all the trails. Actually, the simplest way to improve your vehicle’s off-roading performance isn’t to go for the biggest or most expensive wheels, but to take into account the actual design, angles, etc. of your vehicle and get the right wheels to suit what you actually have. We’ve all seen people who go a bit (or a lot) too far, when it comes to upgrading their vehicle. It’s their right to get the aesthetic they want, but when it comes to performance, oftentimes such extreme modifications are unnecessary. 

    But how do you know which type of wheel is right for your vehicle? Not to worry — Off-Road Rim Financing can help you there. When you finance a set of wheels through us, we present you with all the options available to your specific fitment needs. That way, there’s no wrong choice. 

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    The challenge of driving over rough terrain, setting yourself new challenges, and spending time off-roading can be enormously satisfying. It’d be a shame if you were forced to use insufficient-quality wheels in the process, increasing the chances that your truck gets stuck or damaged. 

    Don’t settle for lower-quality just because you don’t currently have cash in hand. Off-Road Rim Financing solves your problem by offering financing plans for rims, tires, lift kits, and whatever other truck upgrades you need, so you don’t have to wait for months or years to save up for the parts you’re looking for. You owe it to yourself and to your truck to not compromise on quality. 

    Off-Road Rim Financing will get you started on a lease-to-own option that works within your budget. 

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