Understanding the Hazards Worn Tires Can Cause

    worn tires can cause

    Many drivers underestimate the dangers of worn tires and don’t replace them until they adversely affect their driving experience. However, worn tires can cause numerous issues that can jeopardize your vehicle as well as your life. That’s why Off-Road Rim Financing is here to explain the perils of driving on worn tires and why you should replace them as soon as they become bare.

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    Four Reasons Not To Drive on Worn Tires

    Tire wear and tear occurs over time and significantly depletes your tires’ tread depth. They experience significant traction loss and put you and your loved ones at serious risk while on the road. Below are just a few reasons you shouldn’t drive on worn tires.

    1. Increases the Chances of Hydroplaning

    Rain, snow, and sleet create extremely slick roads that are dangerous to drive on without high-traction tires. Worn tires can’t maintain traction and will drastically increase the chances of hydroplaning. When your car hydroplanes, you can’t control the vehicle, potentially causing you to crash into another car or your surroundings.

    Many new tires have deep grooves called sipes that increase traction by pushing water away from the tires, preventing hydroplaning.

    2. Lengthens Braking Distance

    Sometimes, drivers need to stop abruptly to prevent collisions. However, bald tires can’t grip the road efficiently and dramatically increase your vehicle’s braking distance. Additionally, worn tires can cause you to drift after breaking, causing your vehicle to slam into the ahead vehicle, pedestrian, or animal. 

    Replacing the tires will improve your vehicle’s traction and allow you to break in time to avoid accidents.

    3. Makes Your Vehicle More Susceptible to Blowouts

    Quality treads enhance your tires’ durability and can prevent blowouts. They help them resist punctures and ensure you remain safe if you run over a nail or sharp object. 

    Poor treads have the opposite effect, leaving your tires vulnerable to hazardous blowouts. Blowouts are incredibly dangerous and can be fatal at high speeds.

    4. Increases Heat Buildup

    Although tires can withstand moderately hot temperatures, they can only handle so much before experiencing issues. Driving generates friction that can heat your tires and cause sudden blowouts. Treads enable air to flow between the channels, keeping the tires cool as you drive. 

    Since worn tires don’t have deep treads, air can’t pass through the grooves, heating them to dangerous levels that significantly increase road safety risks.

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