Your Guide to Off Road Tires

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    Are you looking for off road tires that are better than the stock tires your truck came with? Off-Road Rim Financing specializes in all types of off road wheels as well as tire financing to purchase those wheels. Contact us today!

    do you need off road tires?

    Have you discovered why you need off road tires? What will you be doing? Whether your sand-racing in desert dunes, rock-crawling boulders in Moab, UT, or mud-plowing in the local ponds, you need to narrow down the uses of your off road tires before investing in some. This will help narrow your type of off road tire selections. Some factors you should consider:

    • Size. Most people think the bigger the tire, the greater the traction. While this is partly true, the main reason tire size and in particular, bigger tire size, is important in off road tires is because of the added ground clearance given to the vehicle. This protects the underside of your vehicle from dents and scratches and possibly even major damage to key parts of your truck or ATV.
    • Lift kits. With bigger tire size comes a need to accommodate that extra girth to prevent the tires from rubbing the fender, causing unnecessary wear and tear. Off-Road Rim Financing recommends a suspension lift since the added suspension will make for a much smoother ride while off-roading. However, a body lift will work as well. We offer and finance both options here.
    • Off Road Accessories. With a larger and taller vehicle, you may consider new ring and pinion gears as well as performance shocks, custom intakes, exhausts, computer chips, and other accessory options to optimize performance.


    Most tires nowadays are radial tires, which are tires with the nylon belts having a radial direction of travel or 90 degrees. These are almost 100 percent of the US market due to their superior tread life, better steerage control, and better gas mileage.

    However, for off road tires, bias truck tires are unmatched. The tread is designed for off roading with the nylon belts running at 30-45 degree angles. These off road tires self-clean as they release mud easier. The rubber grips the road better. The sidewalls are reinforced. However, for regular driving at high speeds and regular use, these tires are not for you. The center tread wears very quickly.


    1. All Season Tires. These are not for off road purposes and are often the stock tire that your vehicle came with. When adding tire size, these are affordable and long-lasting, saving you money in the long run. They don’t look cool, however, and are not recommended for serious off roading.
    2. All Terrain Tires. As often the case with one-size-fits-all offerings, these all terrain tires work well in all cases but aren’t the best in specialty cases. For off road tires, all terrain tires will work — they just aren’t the superior choice.
    3. Extreme Tires. When buying off road tires, you probably should choose a tire specifically made for off-roading. Extreme tires come in a variety of designs and specialties: rock crawling, mud terrain, sand, and deep snow are some available options. With aggressive tread designs and reinforced sidewalls, extreme tires will get the job done when engaging in extreme sports. Choices include both bias tires and radial tires, but, as any experience off roader will tell you, the best tire for off roading is a low air pressure bias tire so the tread can adhere to more surfaces for increased traction. Since these tires are designed for off road use, these tires can be noisy and bumpy while on the road.

    Off-Road Rim Financing is passionate about tire and rim financing. We believe life should be lived and what better way to experience life than behind the wheel of an ATV or a truck that is navigating extreme terrain. You’ll go where not many others go and see things not many others will see. Off roading is a fun sport that the whole family can participate in together. Off-Road Rim Financing’s mission is to help as many people as possible live life to the fullest through offering no credit financing and 90-day lease-to-own options to those with bad credit. Contact us today!

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