Welcome to Off-Road Rim Financing! When it comes to tires, quality matters. After all, you’re transporting your most precious cargo in a thousand-pound vehicle. Off-Road Rim Financing offers the best tire brands in all types of tires: All Terrain, Mud Terrain, Rugged Terrain, or Highway tires. We also offer off-road tires, off-road rims, and off-road wheels. Our financing options are the best. You can finance with no credit check and select from a variety of payment option plans. Our customer support team is ready to answer all of your off-road tires, wheels, and rims questions. Celebrate your new off-road wheels today with a trip. Contact us for all your off-road wheel needs!

  1. Finance Your New Tire Package Today

    Sick of the hassle of having to save up for months or years just to get the off-road truck upgrades you want? Off-Road Rim Financing makes it possible to get the best tires, rims, and wheels you want without having to wait. Financing with us is immediate and our rates are very competitive. You don Read More

  2. Top Five Winter Driving Tips

    Driving in the winter presents special challenges. From blinding snow to wet, slick roads that turn icy overnight, driving in the winter takes special care. Off Road Rim Financing specializes in offering the best off road rims, tires, and wheels as well as rim and tire packages. We offer many financ…Read More

  3. Your Guide to Off Road Tires

    Are you looking for off road tires that are better than the stock tires your truck or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) came with? Off-Road Rim Financing specializes in all types of off road wheels as well as off road loans to purchase those wheels. Contact us today! DISCOVER YOUR WHY Why do you need off ro…Read More

  4. How the Cold Affects Tire Pressure

    How does the cold affect tire pressure? If you were to ask many drivers about low tire pressure, most of them would probably say that a leak is the biggest culprit of underinflated tires, but nothing affects tire pressure quite as much as the cold weather does. Air, just like any other gas, is great…Read More

  5. Is it Time for New Tires?

    Although here at Off Road Rim Financing, we make it easier than ever to equip your vehicle with the high-quality tires it needs, no one wants to have to purchase tires prematurely. We would all love to make the most out our tires, but there comes a time when we all have to grit our teeth and replace…Read More