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Off-Road Rim Financing offers flexible monthly payments for the lift kit of your choosing.

Want to increase the ride height of your truck, SUV, or jeep, but don’t have the income to do so all in one payment? Off-Road Rim Financing offers NO CREDIT NEEDED financing and leasing options that include:

  • Easy, fair, flexible payment plans
  • 90-day purchase option
  • Early buyout options
  • Low initial payments
  • Proactive customer support
  • Three-month plan same as cash option
  • Up to $5,500
  • And more

Our financial/leasing options for lift kits are provided by Acima.

Off-Road Rim Financing makes getting the suspension lift kit of your dreams more affordable than ever.

If you’ve made up your mind for turning your truck or SUV into an off-road expedition vehicle, you need to prepare it properly for the adventure that lies ahead. While you could go for a cheaper leveling kit, it won’t be quite the transformation for your vehicle as getting a high-performance lift kit would entail. An off-road lift kit turns your rig into an all-out-road warrior, with a much more aggressive, all-terrain stance towards the obstacles you may face while off-roading.

Off-Road Rim Financing is here to help you get the high-quality suspension accessories you deserve. No matter your credit situation, you can get a low payment plan set up with us and get the lift kit you really need — without compromising on quality. The adventure begins now.

  • No credit needed
  • Instant decisions
  • Low monthly rates
  • Accommodative financing plan durations
  • No limits on brand or quality
  • Three-month plan same as cash option

Why Lift Your Off-Road Vehicle?

It wasn’t until the 1970s that lifting off-road vehicles began to become popular. At first, enthusiasts would order custom parts and get the suspension they wanted. However, this was often trial and error, and there weren’t all that many options for parts for people to choose from. Nowadays, off-road lift kits take a lot of the need for experimentation off the table. Now, you can get a well-fitted, high-performance lift kit suitable for your specific make and model.

A suspension lift kit gives your vehicle a number of benefits:

  • Enable steeper approach, departure, and breakover angles
  • Reduce maximum safe operating angles by raising the center of gravity
  • Improve vehicle handling
  • Increase ground clearance
  • Accommodate larger wheels and tires
  • Enhance vehicle cosmetics
  • Avoid damage with increased height

Should you get a suspension lift or a body lift kit?

There are two types of lift kits for you to choose from — suspension lift kits and body lift kits. Which one should you choose? While both of them will raise your entire rig — both front and back — body lift kits raise the body away from your vehicle’s frame, while suspension lift kits extend the suspension of your vehicle, raising every part of your truck along the way.


Body lift kits give you greater room for larger tires, but they don’t give as much ground clearance as suspension lift kits. They are generally limited to between 2 and 5 inches, so you won’t be able to lift it as high as you can with a suspension lift kit. However, if you’re on a limited budget, a body lift kit can get the job done.


Now, if you’re truly passionate about exploring the outdoors, getting a suspension lift kit is going to help you a lot. This type of lift kit gives you:

  • Larger room for off-road tires
  • More ground clearance
  • Safety advantage over lower-profile vehicles
  • Freedom to raise your vehicle an extra few inches
  • Transform the look and handling of your vehicle
  • Makes towing easier
  • Better visibility
  • Smoother ride
  • Drive through tougher terrain
  • And more

The main downside of suspension lift kits compared to body lift kits is that they are more expensive and require you to have a bit more mechanical experience, if you plan on installing it yourself. However, if you’re not comfortable making these vehicle adjustments yourself, you can always bring your kit in to your local mechanic and they can install it for you.

Driving Your Lifted Truck


It may take some consideration, but it is 100% possible to maintain a factory-like ride (or a bit firmer) even after installing an aftermarket lift system on your vehicle. In most cases, ride-quality remains about the same unless torsion bars and factory springs need to be replaced. As a general rule regarding leaf springs, as the spring arches increase, so too does the firmness of your ride.

While shocks don’t do anything to provide that extra lift, they can have a major impact on ride smoothness — making your ride softer and spongier. It all depends on the truck and type of lift kit you have. Many of the lift kits we offer here at Off-Road Rim Financing include new shocks at the correct length, so you don’t have to worry about piecing the whole upgrade together higgledy piggledy.

As you are most likely already aware of, the taller your vehicle is the higher its center of gravity becomes. This impacts the overall stability of the vehicle; a higher center of gravity increases the risk of your vehicle rolling over. Combine this with the fact that larger tires with more aggressive tread patterns increase road noise and increase the time it takes to come to a complete stop, it’s a good idea to start thinking about giving yourself extra time to stop and taking turns slower than you otherwise would.

Raising your vehicle and putting new tires on it can decrease the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle and increase it’s unsprung weight. Because of this, expect your lifted vehicle to have reduced fuel economy.

If you’re going for a major lift, it’s a good idea to check first and see if your state has any restrictions on lift height. Not every state has restrictions, but the ones that do use varying measuring points for the limit (e.g. frame height, bumper height, headlight height). Doing your research before you make your purchase and deciding precisely how high you want your vehicle to be and what size tires to get is a great idea.

While lift kits aren’t for everyone, with some small sacrifices in areas such as aerodynamics and fuel economy, you’re reaping the benefits of a vehicle that commands attention and performs far better off-road. Take your truck from mild to wild!

How Much Does a Lift Kit Cost?

Leveling kits are generally only a few hundred dollars before labor costs, while suspeical lifts cost more, varying according to how tall the lift is and how much labor it will require to be installed. A suspension lift kit can cost as little as $400 and go into the tens of thousands of dollars for the best of the best.

Whatever type of lift kit you choose, Off-Road Rim Financing offers financing plans for you, giving you the ability to spread the cost of the lift kit over a longer period of time instead of having to pay everything up front. We aim to provide our customers with the best prices around. If you find a price somewhere else for less, give us a call and we’ll do our best to meet or beat that quote.

Once you fill out your Online Quote Request, you will be provided with options for lift kits based upon the quote received. If you are unsure which direction to go based on the options we provide you, give us a call – we’d be happy to help. If you are unsure of your fitment, we’d be happy to help there as well. As your Fitment Specialists, it is our goal to find the right fit for you!

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Ready to Get Your New Off-Road Lift Kit?

LIft gets provide you with benefits, including:

  • increased clearance

  • More room for bigger tires

  • Improved offroading performance

  • Increased vehicle strength

  • A unique new look for your vehicle


Make this summer one to remember; have the offroading experience you’re looking for! We here at Off-Road Rim Financing are offroading fanatics, and we want to share this experience with others. We want to make getting the offroading equipment — from rims and tires to lift kits and other accessories — easy. If you’re thinking about upgrading your truck’s lift set but don’t have the cash-in-hand for it yet, don’t wait! Get the set you need by signing up for an off-road suspension financing plan with Off-Road Rim Financing today. Get your free quote!

We will provide you with an instant decision based on the information you fill out on the quote form. Don’t worry if you have bad credit — we have plans that will work for you! With accommodative financing plans and durations and no limits on brand or quality, we’re here to help you get the lift kit and other offroading components you desire!


Off-Road Rim Financing helps get you the funds you need to get the suspension lift kit you need for improved off-roading experiences. We offer NO CREDIT NEEDED payment plans for truck lift kits and other accessories. With our truck lift payment plans and performance programmer payment plans, you can get started immediately on your truck suspension upgrades. Start by getting a free quote. Besides some of the best suspension lift kit brands, we also offer a variety of high-performance programmers, truck lighting, bumpers, grills, and more for you to choose from. Apply now to get a custom quote!

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