This 2014 Ford Expedition Limited looks sleek and stylish with its custom wheel and tire build featuring Stock Stock wheels and Goodyear 245 tires. The classic design of the Stock Stock wheels and the durability of the Goodyear tires are the perfect complement to the Expedition’s rugged and ruggedly handsome body. The combination of the two gives the vehicle a strong and sturdy look that will turn heads and make people take notice.

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    Wheel Info

    Wheel Brand: Stock
    Wheel Model: Stock
    Wheel Size: 22″
    Wheel Width: 8″
    Wheel Offset (mm): +1

    Tire Info

    Tire Brand: Goodyear
    Tire Model: 245
    Tire Size: 22

    Suspension Info

    Suspension Brand:
    Suspension: Stock

    Vehicle Info

    Year: 2014
    Make: Ford
    Model: Expedition Limited