Zero money down, low monthly payments, the best wheels in the world… What are you waiting for?

Not everyone has cash in hand to buy quality off-road equipment. For the majority of us off-roaders, we have two basic options:

  1. Settle for used or lower quality parts
  2. Get financing for the parts we want over time instead of all at once

Depending on your specific needs, goals, and desires, either option could be right for you. However, for those of you who choose the latter, you definitely should know a bit about what Off-Road Rim Financing can do for you. 

We do things a bit differently here. Unlike most providers of tire and wheel financing, when you finance through us, you get a few unique benefits:

  • No credit needed 
  • Instant decisions
  • Low monthly rates                
  • Accommodative financing plan durations
  • No limits on brand or quality
  • And more

We want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to get the truck, SUV, or jeep components that you need to achieve your particular goals. Check out what wheel and tire brands you can choose from today! 

100+ Tire Brands

100+ Wheel Brands