How Off Road Rim Finance Works:

    STEP 1: Apply for easy instant approval!

    We offer no credit check financing that allows you to easily apply for financing and find out how much you are approved for almost immediately. Instead of pulling your credit like many other automotive companies do, we base your rate on the last 90 days of your banking history! That’s it. As long as your banking history hits the mark we can guarantee you’ll have an approval almost instantly! From there, we offer you a no money down loan up to $5000 (12-month terms) or a 90-day payoff plan (with no interest). It’s as easy as that, instant decisions, easy and fast approval, and only a $49 processing fee is needed to activate your loan once it has been approved.

    STEP 2: Customize your options.

    Once you have been approved for one of our incredible financing options, you then get to choose the wheel, tire and/or lift kits you desire! Simply fill out our custom quote form for the items and designs you would like, and we will send you all the rim & tire packages or lift/ accessories packages that fit your description and financing limit. All of the package prices we supply you with will include mounting, balancing and lugs for free! That’s right, they are included directly into your package at no extra cost to you.

    STEP 3: Sign a contract.

    Once you’ve applied for financing, picked out your custom kits, all that left to do is commit! Our packages all ship directly to your door, ready to install. All the contract does is give us the information we need to get the tires to you and the financing secured. Once that is signed, everything will be sent to you to play with and enjoy!

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    What Off Road Rim Financing Does

    Off Road Rim Financing allows you to get the tire, rims and wheels you want at any siz, any finish and with any customization, easily and quickly. We set up premium financing options that allow you to make your vehicle look exactly how you want it for a price you can actually afford monthly.

    Once you sign up for financing and are approved for one of our specified amounts, we take care of the rest. You simply tell us the fitment you currently have, and we will send you everything we have available. From there, you will fill out our custom quote form and pick and choose what you want to make the perfect kit for you!

    We specialize in finding you the perfect fitments for lifted, leveled or even stock trucks and jeeps, while still offering low monthly lease-to-own payment with absolutely zero down. So apply today, and see all the get off road wheels and tires we have to offer! Trust us when we say that our sales reps are the best at their jobs, and we will absolutely find you the tire package you have always wanted.

    Get Approved Instantly!

    Apply for your Off Road Rim Financing wheel and tire package today, and receive the best no credit or credit-based financing options available. We offer zero down and low monthly payments on all of our packages, as well as an exclusive 90 day no interest payoff deal! Speak with one of our reps today.