High-Performance, Off-Road Tire & Wheel Package Financing with No Credit Checks & Low Monthly Payments


    High-Performance, Off-Road Tire & Wheel Package Financing with No Credit Checks & Low Monthly Payments - 1200x900GMB 1 622bd38941644

    The Best Off-Road Rims & Tires Are Just Click Away

    Not everyone has the quality of credit they wish they had, but that shouldn’t affect your ability to get away every once in a while. It’s easy to feel trapped in the city and disconnected from the things that really matter most. Getting out into the wild every once in a while gives us the break from the monotonous rhythms often experienced in our everyday life. Getting out and doing some off-roading is a fun way to test your mettle and also test your metal — your wheels that is!

    Some people choose to upgrade their rims and wheels because they want to be able to get deeper into the wild on their own four wheels. Others just love the drive and the way that their vehicle looks. Either way, there’s something triumphant about a souped up truck. Maybe it’s because it combines the possibility to do more hands-on, dirty, important jobs with the freedom of explorative leisure, practical mechanical knowledge, and expanded agency. 

    Maybe we’re a little biased about this, but, needless to say, our team here at Off-Road Rim Financing love trucks. We also love SUVs, Jeeps, and other types of vehicles. That’s why our business is designed to help support others with the same passion and, ultimately, with their freedom. If you’ve got bad credit, that’s no problem. We offer no credit needed financing for the best tire and wheel brands you can find. What are you waiting for?



    You have two basic options when it comes to upgrading your wheels and rims when you have bad credit and lack enough cash in hand to feel it’s a worthwhile investment. 

    1. Settle for used or lower quality parts
    2. Get financing for the parts we want over time instead of all at once

    Depending on your specific needs, goals, and desires, either option could be right for you. However, for those of you who choose the latter, you should make sure you aren’t paying an arm and a leg extra for financing, especially when there are purchase options that allow you to pay for it off with low or even ZERO DOLLAR monthly rates, such as the options offered by Off-Road Rim Financing. 

    We definitely do things a bit differently here. Unlike most providers of tire and wheel financing, when you finance through us, you get a few unique benefits:

    • No credit needed 
    • Instant decisions
    • Low monthly rates
    • Accommodative financing plan durations
    • No limits on brand or quality
    • And more

    Our goal is to make it as easy and affordable for you to get the tire, wheel, lift-kit, or other type of vehicle upgrade package you desire. Check out what wheels and tire brands you can choose from with us!

    High-Performance, Off-Road Tire & Wheel Package Financing with No Credit Checks & Low Monthly Payments - 1080x1080 blitzimage4 624491bf7e225
    front end of lifted truck


    • Immediate upgrades — Don’t wait months, or even years, to save up enough cash to get your new lift kit or rim or tire package. Use one of the low or no interest financing plans from Off-Road Rim Financing instead!
    • Better products — If you’re someone who appreciates quality products at reasonable prices, don’t settle for subpar car parts. We have the performance gear your truck deserves. 
    • Greater Flexibility — Offering financing through American First Finance and Acima Credit, we are able to provide you with flexible, extremely low interests rates. Reach out to Off-Road Rim Financing today to find the custom package suitable to your particular needs.
    Closeup of a lift kit installed on a truck


    With a wide-variety of terms and reviews surrounding off-road tires, it can be difficult understanding the difference between them all. At Off-Road Rim Financing, we carry all the major tire brands you could hope for, making available all the various aftermarket tire packages you could reasonably desire for your vehicle. Here are the four primary categories of tires you can choose from:

    • All-Terrain Tires — These tires perform well in adverse weather conditions as well as pretty much everywhere else. 
    • Mud-Terrain Tires — If you envision yourself bouncing through muddy backroads, mud-terrain tires are the right choice. The larger tread blocks and more aggressive style give you all the off-roading capability you could dream of.
    • Rugged-Terrain Tires — With less tread than mud-terrain tires, rugged-terrain tires are ideal if you’re looking for an everyday tire that holds up well on dirt and gravel. 

    Reach out to us today to learn more about our tire brands and tire financing.


    Don’t settle for lower quality; get the brand of rimstires, and lift kit your truck deserves without compromising on performance. Reach out to Off-Road Rim Financing for low or no credit financing options. We guarantee we can set you up with a payment plan that works with your budget.

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    5 star rating
    I was approved in minutes for their no credit needed program! My credit is terrible and I was able to get my Rough Country lift and lighting in just a couple days! I was shocked on how easy the process…
    Mike M
    Greensboro NC


    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
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    Every time I buy wheels, I don’t get exactly what I want, but Off Road Rims nailed it. Gave me the exact custom offset and tire size I needed for my lift and stick out. I recommend these guys to any…
    Joshua H.
    Greenville KY


    5 star rating
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    5 star rating
    I got my Fuel wheels from these guys and quickly paid the loan off and got my Nitto Mud tires shortly after! My truck’s stance looks awesome now, couldn’t be happier!! Check these guys out, they a…
    Tyler J.
    Houston TX