Our Top Choices for the Best Lift Kits for Trucks

    best lift kits for trucks

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    Is your truck too low for your liking despite installing bigger wheels? It could be time to start shopping for the best lift kits for trucks. These suspension upgrades enable you to fit larger tires on your vehicle and improve its handling on and off-road. 

    Sadly, the market is awash with various brands and models of lift kits. This makes choosing the perfect one for your needs challenging. Luckily, we’ve done extensive research and compiled a list of the best lift kits to consider for your truck. 

    Maxracing 2.5″ Leveling Lift Kit

    Many off-road enthusiasts tout this Maxracing 2.5-inch Leveling Lift Kit as one of the best lift kits for trucks. The 1.34-inch thick lift kit can raise your truck to 2.5 inches high, and you can install it in under two hours. 

    You can use this kit to clear up to 32-inch tires. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to perform a wheel alignment after installation.

    ReadyLift Leveling Kit

    If you’re looking for a lift kit that doesn’t require cutting or modifying your factory equipment, then the ReadyLift Leveling Kit is a top choice. It mounts right on top of your original studs. 

    You won’t have to worry about side-to-side swapping or over-extended ball joints. These attributes make this versatile kit a cost-effective technique to level your truck. Its design allows it to work seamlessly with oversize rim and tire combinations. 

    Rough Country Leveling Lift Kit

    If you want to raise your truck by 1.5 to 2 inches, the Rough Country Leveling Lift Kit can perfectly meet your needs. It boasts premium N3 shock absorbers, forged torsion bar adjuster keys, and excellent ground clearance. All these work to deliver an unmatched off-roading experience. 

    What’s more, the kit offers a bolt-on installation, which you can do yourself. We must mention that the purchase package includes a limited lifetime replacement warranty. 

    ProRYDE LIFTmachine Leveling Kit

    What sets the ProRYDE LIFTmachine Leveling Kit apart from other kits on the market is adjustability. Thanks to the innovative Helix-Drive design, you can effortlessly adjust this kit when it’s already on your vehicle. It supports wheels up to 35 inches, and you don’t need to remove any of your OEM equipment during the entire installation process. 

    Readylift 66-2726 2.5” Leveling Kit 

    This Readylift Leveling Kit With Track Bar Relocation Bracket allows you to add up to 2.5 inches of height to your vehicle.  It comes with swat bar spacers, a track bar relocation bracket, and a shock extension to ensure your track remains safe and well-balanced at its new height. 

    Talk to the Experts

    As you can see, there’s a wide selection of lift kits in the market. If you need help choosing the best lift kits for trucks, talk to the experts at Off-Road Rim Financing. One of our vehicle fitment experts will advise you on the best wheels, tires, and accessories for your lifted fitment.

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