For many, summer is the best time of the year. Warm weather beckons those of you who live to be outdoors, who can’t wait to leave work, go home, eat dinner, and go do something — anything — outdoors, whether it’s a bike ride around your local lake or a walk with your spouse, sharing your day and planning your next off-roading adventure. You’re breathing fresh air, listening to the birds sing about their day, and watching the colors paint the sky. You feel alive and return home, refreshed, ready to conquer the next day. Off-Road Rim Financing specializes in wheel and tire packages, as well as lift kits for trucks and truck accessories, such as bumpers, exhausts, and cold air intakes. We offer to finance on wheels, tires, rims, and lift kits. Below, we’ll list the main benefits of financing wheel and tire packages. Visit us online today to get started!


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    • Enjoy off-roading today. Let’s face it, you only live once, and you don’t know when your time will be up. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t prepare for the future and retirement (the odds are in your favor that you’ll make it there); however, there’s something to be said for enjoying life now, while you have your health and mobility, rather than waiting until retirement. Off-roading will undoubtedly lead to incredible memories with your family and your kids — opportunities for bonding, having fun, and enjoying life together — all reasons to finance your off-road wheels and tires.
    • No credit check required. With Off-Road Rim Financing, we don’t require a credit check. Too many credit checks on your record, and your credit score can go down, as this sends a signal to potential lenders that you are in a spending spree. Furthermore, if you are in the process of repairing your credit, this can help you get financing with us. That being said, for the best interest rates, we will need to check your credit, but this is not required.
    • Instant decisions. When you apply for wheel financing with Off-Road Rim Financing, you’ll get a decision back quickly and your merchandise shipped soon afterwards. Off-Road Rim Financing understands that you have options, and you have plans you want to get started. We don’t string you along. You’ll have an answer, so you can decide what’s best for you.
    • Flexible payments. Off-Road Rim Financing understand that you have bills to pay due at certain times of the month. With our flexible lease-to-own payment schedule, you can choose the due date to accommodate your budget, and the terms of payment, such as bi-weekly or monthly. Off-roading is fun, and we don’t want to put any undue stress on you with stringent payments for your off-road wheels.
    • Helps build credit. Part of your credit score is outstanding debt and on-time payments, both of which can make a significant impact. If you’re trying to rebuild your credit, having outstanding debt that is reasonable and that you make on-time payments on sends a signal to the credit bureaus that you are creditworthy. Your credit score will go up, allowing you to make bigger credit purchases, such as new cars and houses, in the future.
    • Improves your cash flow. Ideally, you want to earn more than you spend, yielding a positive cash flow. This allows for savings for emergencies, having some cash on hand, and for retirement savings, as well as saving for large down payments, such as mortgages. A negative cash flow means you spent more than you brought in via financing options or drawing from personal savings. Adding in a low-monthly payment such as one obtained from Off-Road Rim Financing for new wheels and rims is often easier to manage than making one large lump sum, depleting your savings or allowing your savings to take a hit. You don’t want to dip into emergency funds to purchase something extra such as off-road tires.


    Off-Road Rim Financing is passionate about bringing off-roading to others. There’s nothing quite like rolling up to the top of a mountain on an obscure trail, getting out of your truck, and gazing at the world below. We do everything we can to make off-roading affordable, which is why we’ve partnered with some of the best lending institutions so you can enjoy off-roading sooner rather than later.

    None of our loans have prepayment penalties. In fact, with our leasing option, if you pay off your loan within 90 days, you can save money. This can be a great option for those of you who just need a little more time to get the money together for your off-road wheels, off-road tires, and off-road rims without having to waste a few of the precious warm summer months waiting. Our customer support is available to answer any of your questions, solve any problems you may be experiencing in the lending process, or just point you in the right direction. Off-Road Rim Financing offers the best financing for wheel and tire packages. Apply online today!


    Like a house, there truly is no end to the amount you can accessorize your off-road vehicle. Besides the numerous options we here at Off-Road Financing offer in off-road wheels, tires, and rims, we also offer a variety of off-road accessories for your truck or jeep. After all, when you’re off-roading you not only want performance, but you also want protection from those rocks and boulders that seem to jump out at you from nowhere. Below, we’ll go over just a few of our many off-road truck accessories to customize to your heart’s content. Visit us online today to see all of our options!


    A bumper in essence helps to absorb the impact when you accidentally bump into something. For off-roaders, this is usually a rock, tree, or boulder that you either miscalculated the turn, or you hit a different bump or boulder that bounced your off-road vehicle into something else. When off-roading, you’ll need a top-of-the-line bumper for adequate protection. We offer many bumper brands and styles to choose from, such as Rolling Big Power, Iron Cross, and Road Armor.

    Accessorize the accessory

    You also need a top-notch bumper so you can buy a winch, which is a must-have when off-roading. A winch is designed to haul. It is usually a rope, cord, cable, or chain wound around a drum that rotates when cranked or by a motor. These handy devices make towing easy, so when your buddy gets stuck in the mud, you’re there to help winch him out.

    Besides a winch, you may also want to add high-powered LED lights to your bumper. These handy devices provide light not only to see to operate your winch but also to see with when you’re out late four-wheeling or you decide to go cave-exploring. Lights for your off-road vehicle’s bumper also are great when an unexpected fog rolls in. And if you’re a hunter, you’ll definitely need both a winch and extra lights because inevitably the five-point buck you just shot will have enough adrenaline to hop along while the light quickly fades.

    An off-road bumper provides many uses and is definitely an aftermarket accessory you may want to upgrade on your lifted truck. When you’re off-roading, you never know what the terrain may bring or what situations you may find yourself in when you need a tow, an extra light, or added protection. At Off-Road Financing, we offer the best wheel financing and off-road rims. Contact us today for all your off-road needs, and check out our no-credit needed financing terms!