The Best Off-Road Truck Tire Brands for Durability and Performance

    2015 Ford F250 SuperDuty with BMF Rims and Cooper Tires

    What are the best off-road truck tires available right now? Find out from the professionals at Off-Road Rim Financing today!

    The impressive range of truck tires across countless brands takes some effort to navigate when you’re looking for a set that will perform well and last the longest. Knowing what to look for in your new tire purchase is the first step. But where do you start with so many tires on the market?

    One idea is to get some great advice. Why not start with the trusted wheels and tires financing specialists from Off-Road Rim Financing? The team is affiliated with a wide range of brands and can give you an unbiased opinion. 

    Below, these experts share the top choices for dry and wet terrain tires.

    Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

    This set of tires offers outstanding performance but is also extremely durable and effective in mud. It tackles rocky roads, sandy beaches, mud terrain, and snowy streets with equal aplomb, thanks to the excellent traction and spiky exterior.

    The downside is that these tires can be noisy when you’re traveling at high speeds. But if you turn up the music, these are the top off-road truck tires on our list.

    Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Incorporating Kevlar

    These beasts are strong enough to defeat the muddiest puddle. As tires built to withstand heavy pressure, they are also an outstanding choice for a heavily-laden truck. 

    The Kevlar reinforcement increases its tensile strength and durability significantly. It also renders the tires virtually immune to most roadside hazards, such as sharp rocks. With high cut resistance, it’s one of the most durable options on this list that also happens to offer excellent traction for sharp breaking in wet weather.

    The downside is that these tires aren’t cheap. Though, with our affordable financing terms to lighten the load, they’re still a fantastic option.

    BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

    Do you deal with slippery mud tracks quite often? These workhorse tires love getting dirty and perform exceptionally well on wet and dry dirt roads. They’re durable and offer excellent traction on shifting sands as well.

    The Coreguard Max feature stabilizes the surface and makes it more resistant to damage. And price-wise, these tires are reasonable. However, they can be a little noisier than other options.

    General Grabber X3 – 1

    Why X3? These tires feature three layers rather than a double wall. Unsurprisingly, this makes them extremely difficult to damage, so they’re highly durable. 

    While it’s possible to scratch the surface, anything will have to work hard to puncture it. The triple coating also gives a much deeper tread to make moving through mud easy and improve traction on wet roads. 

    And as expected, you’ll need a thrilling soundtrack to dampen the tires’ noise on the road.

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