All You Need Is Four-Wheels & A “What If” Attitude

The appeal of off-roading is simple — it’s fun driving over rocks and through mud. If you disagree, that’s too bad! However, tens of millions of Americans do in fact love off-roading, and practice dune-bashing in our All-Terrain Vehicles all the time. From rock crawling to fording rivers, there’s a whole world of 4×4 testing, extreme off-roading opportunities out there, as wide as the West is wild. 

You may already own a 4×4 vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Today’s trucks, Jeeps, and suped-up SUVs are truly amazing machines, built to handle stop-and-go highways as well as adventurous off-road terrain. However, you absolutely should be prepared for the specific types of terrain you plan on driving in, as a little bit of preparation goes a long way in avoiding damages to your vehicle, yourself, and ensuring you have a fun time. That’s why we’re doing two things today: