In a perfect world, we’d all have all the money necessary for everything we want or need all the time. Sure, we don’t live in a perfect world, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives to going without something or waiting to save money in order to buy what you need.

    At Off-Road Rim Financing, we provide financing on the top wheels and tires for trucks and SUVs. No matter what your credit situation is, we will work with you and our lending partners to find a way to help you get a new set of rims when you need them.

    Keep reading to learn more about our company and why financing wheels with us is a great option for everyone. If you have questions, please reach out. If you’re ready to get a new set of wheels, tires, or a wheel and tire package, fill out an application now for an instant financing decision, then start browsing our selection and place an order!

    We really believe that no one makes it easier to qualify for and order a new set of truck wheels, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team.

    Why You Should Finance Your Next Set of Truck Wheels - icon1 5f29ea8cc104eYou Don’t Need Credit To Apply

    If you are young, don’t have a lot of credit, or you’ve experienced some problems with your credit, including bankruptcy, many things can seem like they are off-limits to you. While many other companies might require a great credit score to be able to finance truck wheels, Off-Road Rim Financing has options for people with or without great credit. With flexible financing periods and affordable options from some of the best wheel companies out there, you can get the rims you want without having to save up for a long time or commit to financing that doesn’t work with your situation.

    Why You Should Finance Your Next Set of Truck Wheels - icon2 5f29eb4e5895fYou Can Get an Instant Decision

    Unlike when you apply for financing at a bank, store, or dealership, Off-Road Rim Financing can provide you with an instant decision. Not having to wait is great, but it also means that you’ll know exactly what your financing options are right away so you can choose what will work with your budget. Don’t wait — apply now and get your answer as soon as you finish your application!

    Why You Should Finance Your Next Set of Truck Wheels - icon3 5f29ec9275368You Save Money

    We can’t guarantee that we have the lowest possible rates on wheel financing, but we do guarantee that we do everything that we can to be able to offer the most affordable options for the widest range of people. Having a good set of wheels shouldn’t be a luxury, especially because your wheels are an important part of keeping you safe while you’re driving. Because we work with so many manufacturers, we are able to get extremely competitive prices on the wheels that you want, and we pass our savings on to you.

    Why You Should Finance Your Next Set of Truck Wheels - icon4 5f29ed3a0d1b890-Day to 24-Month Wheel Financing Plans

    One of the easiest ways that we can help you save money when you are trying to buy a new set of wheels for your SUV or truck is by allowing you several choices of term lengths. If you have most of the money for a new set of wheels and need a short, 90-day window to pay the balance, we can accommodate that. If you want to make smaller payments over the course of a couple years, we can help with that, too. We believe in making it as easy for you to afford the new rims and tires you want as possible.

    Why You Should Finance Your Next Set of Truck Wheels - icon5 5f29edf6a2a0dNo Waiting — Get The Wheels And Tires You Need Now

    While a lot of truck companies offer better looking, higher-quality wheels on modern trucks than they did in decades past, they only offer so many options for you to choose from when you’re at the dealership. If you really want to make your truck your own, a new set of wheels is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do that. And when you look at the financing options from Off-Road Rim Financing, there’s no reason not to get new wheels!

    If you have an older truck, your desire to upgrade the look of your truck might be secondary to having a set of wheels to replace the rims that are currently on your truck. It’s almost unavoidable that your wheels will be damaged in some way or another over time. While some minor cosmetic scuffs won’t affect the way your rims function, if your wheels are bent or have started to rust, more serious problems might be just around the corner.

    At Off-Road Rim Financing, we believe that everyone should be able to get the rims they need or want for their truck or SUV. Whether you’re looking for a way to make your truck one-of-a-kind or you need new wheels to ensure your ride is safe and comfortable every day, we have wheels from the most-trusted names in the business available at great rates, regardless of whether or not you have credit. Contact us today if you have questions or apply for financing right now to get an instant decision!

    Why You Should Finance Your Next Set of Truck Wheels - icon6 5f29ee7ac53f0You Can Get Wheels From The Best Companies in The Industry

    Of course, all of these excellent financing options and instant approvals would mean nothing if we didn’t have wheels that you actually wanted to put on your truck. We carry dozens of the brands you trust, including American Force, Forza, Moto Metal, HD, Hardcore, RTX, Quantum, XD, and many, many others.

    If you want to see the full list of brands that we offer, please visit our wheels page.

    If you aren’t sure about which wheels and tires are going to fit your truck or SUV, just let us know. As fitment specialists, we know what wheels will fit your vehicle. If you aren’t certain if a certain set will fit, just ask us and we can double check.


    To get started, all you have to do is fill out an application for financing. The process is done online, which means that it is fast and easy to complete, and it also allows us to provide you with an instant decision! After you’ve been approved, we will send you a virtual catalog that has all of the wheels and tires that we have available. Choose what you want and we’ll give you a quote that is good for seven days. If you decide to finance wheels through us, we’ll send your wheels to you as quickly as possible. If you bought tires with your new wheels, they’ll be shipped mounted and balanced.


    If you’re buying new wheels, why don’t you get new tires while you’re at it? Not only will new tires look great on your brand new wheels, they’ll make your ride more comfortable, and they can even improve your gas mileage. Because tires are the only part of your vehicle that has actual contact with the road, it’s vital that they aren’t too worn or damaged to provide you with a reliable and safe ride. When you finance with Off-Road Rim Financing and you want to add tires to your wheel order, we’ll do everything we can to get you the best possible price.


    We know that when you’re looking at a new set of wheels for your truck that it’s pretty easy to start thinking about other upgrades you can make your truck look or perform better. In order to be your one-stop truck wheels, tires, and accessories shop, we also carry a range of truck accessories and parts from your favorite names. Find out a little more about these parts below.

    If you’re ready to get the truck wheels you want, start the process by filling out an application for financing through Off-Road Rim Financing today! We can give you an instant decision when you apply online, and after that you can pick out the wheels you want from the top names in the business. We’ll ship them out to you fast so you can start enjoying them right away.